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Ms. Marvel Vol. 1 (No Normal)

Ms. Marvel: Volume 1: No Normal

Rating: 4/5

Gotta support those Muslim superheroes! Seriously, I love Kamala! I finally have some free time and I bought all the available volumes on my kindle so I can catch up! Kamala is witty, funny, relatable (maybe not so much the angsty teen stuff for me but the religious/cultural identity and conflict for sure!).

It’s a bit cheesy (but aren’t all comics?) and cute and just overall a great, easy read. And best of all, her story sheds some positive light on Muslims and Pakistanis. I especially love the support (even when it doesn’t seem like it) that Kamala’s mom gives her. I know from personal experience mothers (especially not-white, to be honest) have a verystrange way of showing they care for their children. They practically beat us down in private, but in public they would never say anything bad about their kids. Their strange way of what feels like the scariest thing ever is just a way for them to  make us better and stronger.

(Sorry I went on a little detour!)

Anyway, it’s short and sweet and cute. The art is amazing! The story is great! The characters are fun and lovable! If you’re a fan of diverse books, short books, comics, Marvel/superheroes, hilarious characters, and (maybe) a new culture, definitely read this book!

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