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Six of Crows

of Crows
Leigh Bardugo

Rating: 4/5

This novel took me way too long to read and I can’t
believe I let it take so long when it was the kind of book that (if I had more
free time in my life) I would devour in one night. From the first chapter I
felt like I was watching a movie and it was the scene right before the title
sequence and it sucked me right in. After the intro, I guess I either read too
fast or the fantasy realm was too overwhelming because I had to re-read the
next pages a couple of times to understand what was really happening. I haven’t
read fantasy in sometime and the new kinds of ‘magic’ and the terminology was a
bit foreign to me. Of course, I hadn’t even read the synopsis of the novel at
this point because my friend highly recommended this to me and she recommended
Vicious (by V.E. Schwab, one of my all-time favorite books) so I knew it had to
be amazing.

So anyway, once I got past my own confusions, I was
sucked right back in. The characters were amazing and fun to read. I found
myself liking characters and then questioning myself because they’ve all done
some shady things and yet they’re somewhat redeeming themselves???? But also
no? Like, they’re literally stealing stuff for money?

But it was impossible not to like every single
character. I personally found myself really enjoying Nina’s story and Inej
(INEJ is just WOW). I loved the backstories and the character development. I
loved the friendships and the feelings and how well done every character was.
Every decision they made was rationalized and I really felt like I understood
the characters. The story was so interesting and intense, and it kept me on my
toes. There were so many different elements I did find it a little hard to keep
track of everything, but that made the story actually more interesting seeing
all the pieces together in the end. It was like I was a character in the book,
also kept in the dark by Kaz’s insane plans.

If you’re a fan of the Shades of Magic trilogy by
V.E. Schwab or heists and fantasy, this is the book for you! I do recommend
reading this when you have time to really spare because if you’re busy and find
it hard to keep track of characters, it can get a little confusing (not too
much, but it slows down the reading process like it did with me!). This book is
the first of two, so I’m definitely going to pick up the sequel soon! The book
ended on such an exciting note and it flowed right into another book without
feeling like it was forced into a duology. For those that have read the book, who
is your favorite and why?

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