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Let’s Talk About Burning Maze: Spoilers

(This is copy/pasted from my full book review but I wanted a separate post just about the spoilers as well)

1. Piper/Jason breaking up: When this happened I was
actually genuinely confused, but also I never really understood their
relationship. Like Piper said in the book, the relationship started out under false
pretenses and because of that their whole relationship was sort of just forced.
Sure, they were cute near the end but I could understand where she was coming
from. Though, it’s sort of ironic how she was totally against breaking up with
a guy as a rite of passage for the Aphrodite Cabin, but she sort of ended up
doing that.

Also can we talk about how Apollo said “girl, but I
wanted the dirt”???? Like, same. But also, hilarious.

2. Jason: You know, when I first read HoO, I wasn’t
a fan of Jason. It honestly took so long for me to actually warm up to him… and
then rick did this and I was SHOOK. But also, this was the greatest death scene
Rick has ever written? It was shocking, and heart wrenching. And best of all,
there were no loopholes. There’s no Leo-Valdezing out of this one. And that’s
what made this so amazing. Unlike in HoO, the buildup of the inevitable
actually paid off.

But you know what sucks? The promise. We all know
what happened last time a promise to the minor deities was made. Percy lost his
memory. Then Jason made the same promise… and now look what’s happened. NOW,
Apollo has made this promise. What calamity will happen next? Clearly someone doesn’t
want the minor gods to have any recognition (my bet’s on Zeus. But would he
really let Jason die? Eh…. Debatable)

3. Crest: Oh my goodness my poor baby I really
wanted you to learn how to play instruments whyyyyy

4. Grover: Can we talk about this? Look at how much
he’s grown! I’m so proud! I just want to give him a hug!

5. That last scene with Leo and Piper and NOOOO: I
saw on tumblr the post about the parallel between that scene and the one when
Nico finds out about Bianca and honestly I can’t stop thinking about it and
crying. This is just too heartbreaking! And the last scene in Magnus Chase with
Percy/Annabeth? Even though we didn’t know whatthe tragedy was then, we know
now, and that’s just horrible. And Nico? I hope he’s okay. I mean… he and Jason
were getting along so well! *bursts into ugly sobs*

6. REYNA YES. I AM READY FOR THIS: So next book will
have everybody then, because of Jason? I’m just really excited about Reyna,

What other things did you find exciting? Feel free
to tell me about it! I love talking fan theories and parallels and crying about
fictional characters!

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