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Vengeful (Villains #2)


Vengeful by V.E. Schwab

Rating: 5/5

If you’ve ever talked to me you would know that Vicious (the first book) is my
favorite book ever! So obviously, I already knew I was going to love this book!
And though my favorite book will still remain Vicious (because it started it
all and it’s so dear to my heart), Vengeful was just as amazing (if not

Your favorite dysfunctional family is back and better than ever (or worse???)! This story picks up five years after the ending of Vicious. But as you know, V.E. Schwab gives us little glimpses into different periods of time. So we get past, present, and future.

So let’s talk about plot. As usual, V. E. Schwab has a way of just pulling you in from the very first page. The beginning is so unique in the sense that there’s 1) a new character (Marcella—oh my gosh I love her what’s happening also though where’s Victor), 2) another beginning FIVE YEARS LATER with Victor—and oh, wait… what? (you know how Vicious started with a graveyard? It’s literally full circle it’s AMAZING) and 3) let’s return to five years ago when Victor is REVIVED.

I have to admit that the new characters threw me off because there was a lot more time jumping involved in this book than in Vicious. There was one point where I legit just didn’t know what part of the timeline I was in but either way I was totally into it and kept going anyway!

So for me when I read a book, it’s usually vivid to the point where I feel like I’m a side character in the story or just enough for me to be a part of the story but not really involved if you know what I mean. But this book felt SO. REAL. And not in the sense where I was in the actual story…but it felt like I was binge watching a really intense TV show. When I was done with the book, it didn’t feel like I had been reading at all, but just watching. And it was GLORIOUS.

(I was telling my roommate that I finished “watching” Vengeful because that’s how
vivid and gorgeous the entire experience was)

Now it’s time to gush about the characters (new and old!). Obviously, we all love Victor. And let me tell you, Victor is SO. MUCH. COOLER (and greyer—in morality). But aside from that, in his first chapter (idk if this really counts as a spoiler?), we find out there’s a catch to his revival. And he’s desperate to do whatever it takes to keep from dying (plus, you know, he still wants to make sure Eli is getting what he deserves). And of course, Eli is just as manipulate and crazy. I did love seeing more of his story in this one!

(Also, side note, why do I sort of feel bad and understand Eli??? I don’t want to feel sorry for him! But I do! UGH. Schwab, WHYYYY)

Sydney is growing up (though she still sort of looks the same) and she’s trying to deal with losing her sister. It was so fun to see her character grow and see more to her than the innocent(ish) girl she was five years ago. She’s stronger and sassier and just overall amazing! Mitch is also still there and just as adorable as the first book!

But let’s take a moment to appreciate Dominic, who played an integral role in the
first book, but we didn’t get to see as much of him. I just really appreciate his character and story in this one! It was just really great seeing this character grow! So much more depth was added to his character and I really loved that! Aside from the new characters, Dom really shined in this one!

So I really enjoyed seeing the new characters. I don’t want to talk about them in detail because if you read this then it might ruin the experience. But I literally am in awe. I just love each of Schwab’s characters. They’re all unique, and powerful, and just SO. COOL. And Marcella seriously does just steal the show!

I loved how the story intertwined and the progression of the plot. The ending felt open enough for another sequel (five more years, amiright?) and closed enough for me to have a vicious book hangover (ha! See what I did there?) afterwards. I actually just want to binge watch (I mean read) it again. Usually I don’t feel that way about a book. Like, I could wait a while before feeling like I need to read it again, but this left me wanting to start all over again and catch things I missed and just relive it again. I’ve actually never had that happen to me before so you have to know it’s AMAZING

I would recommend this to fans of villains, morally grey characters, revenge, and powerful women. I would also recommend this to anyone that wants to be my friend (because Vicious is my favorite book duh). If you’ve read any of Schwab’s books you’ll love this one too!

(Guys, this review was so badly written because I’m still not over this book and I don’t even know how to accurately say how much I loved it)

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