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Joining the Bandwagon

Hi, everyone! Star here! I’ve been wanting to create a book blog for quite some time now, but never really new how to begin or what to do but I’m just going to hop on the bandwagon and see if I can actually keep up with this! I just wanted a place where I could put more of my random thoughts since neither goodreads nor instagram can allow for more content than just Book Reviews!

I wanted a place to put my thoughts on Book Boxes, Movies, Music, TV, or anything else that doesn’t fit into one place! I also thought that maybe I could post more about me and my adventures in med school (not that I really “adventure” all that much)!

2 thoughts on “Joining the Bandwagon”

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR FOLLOWING! 😀 I’m really excited too! I think this blog will keep me from procrastinating more than usual! Or at least i hope…because I’mgoingto keep this as my incentive to study xD


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