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Geekerella REVIEW

Geekerella by Ashley Poston

Rating: 5/5


This was just so adorable and exactly what I needed to read! I was just really wanting to read something light and cute and fun!


This book is obviously a retelling of Cinderella! It has all the cheesy little elements of the story, but it still had the perfect amount of originality to make it something new! Told in alternating points of view, this is the story of how Elle and Darien become the most adorkable people ever!


Elle has a blog about a show that’s like a mix of Doctor Who, Star Wars and Star Trek and I wish it was real??? (It’s called Starfield) And Darien is the star of the reboot film (and Elle is NOT happy about it). There’s such a cute development between the two characters (to find out how they get to know each other in the first place, you have to read the book mwahaha). I loved getting to know both of the characters and seeing each side of their story! I loved their passion and their teenage angst and their humor!


I loved seeing the character development and the side stories! It was just a fun, cute story (obviously… as if I haven’t said it enough). Seeing Elle grow more confident was one of the highlights of this story though! The romance and “drama” between the stepsisters was fun, but I just love a good character development story!


I would recommend this to anyone who likes retellings, is feeling a cute rom-com style book, loves adorable nerds and cosplay, is into alternating POV’s, and loves to hate the “ugly stepsisters”. This book is for anyone that needs something quick and easy to get them out of a reading slump. And this is also for anyone who has a thing for really cheesy meet-cutes!

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