Bookish Merch, In Pakistan

UNBOXING: The Book Shook

~I’ve made it my personal mission to try all the book subscription boxes in Pakistan in the years that I’m studying here because why not?~


The first box that I tried was The Book Shook. When I saw them on Instagram, I first did extensive research. I look at reviews and scoured the internet to make sure that it would be worth it! I’m not about to waste my money, after all (especially because I have a very limited amount that I consider as my “allowance” for this sort of thing).

I finally settled on buying it when I saw the theme for the month of June: Girls Will Save the World. I immediately decided that I should just go for it!

UNBOXING (also on insta):




•A gorgeous Katniss art print by Daniel Kordek
•A lovely ToG badge and cute little enamel pin!
•The most amazing smelling lip scrub inspired by Shazi from Wrath and the Dawn (one of my fave heroines ever!)
•A glittery and amazing candle inspired by Feyre from ACOTAR!
•a cute little paperclip bookmark
•And of course, the book! I HAVE LOST MY WAY, by Gayle Forman!



So when I was researching the reviews, a lot of them were low because it was a relatively new subscription box company and all. But I decided to take a chance, since the quality seemed to be getting better! And I was pleasantly surprised!

The box seemed to stay on theme and it was my first ever bookish candle, and basically I was just IN LOVE with it.

The customer service is really great! They’re really nice and helpful and they even took suggestions for when they first came up with the theme (I suggested something to do with Shazi from Wrath and the Dawn and now look! I have an amazing smelling lip scrub!)!

In my opinion, the price seemed worth the items and I would definitely order again if I see another interesting theme! Since June, they’ve had a few other lovely boxes, and they even had two themed boxes JUST for bookish items (without a book). That’s not my thing, but if it’s yours, you should check that out!

PRICE: 2500 Rs (free delivery)


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