Bookish Merch, In Pakistan

UNBOXING: The Flame Affair

~I’ve made it my personal mission to try all the book subscription boxes in Pakistan in the years that I’m studying here because why not?~

36538248_226948691137269_550739314154143744_n So I absolutely LOVE candles… and bookish candles? SIGN ME UP. So when I saw The Flame Affair announce their very first box in August with the theme of “Ladies of Class”, I IMMEDIATELY signed up!

The box was advertised to have three 4oz candles and another bookish goodie!

UNBOXING (also on insta)


🔥”Jane Eyre” strawberry scented
🔥 “Lizzie Bennet” (from Pride and Prejudice) sugared berries scented
🔥”March Sisters” (from Little Women) butterscotch scented
🔥”A MidSummer Night’s Dream” inspired t-shirt!



The candles are really cute and my favorite is definitely “The March Sisters”. Personally, I’m not a fan of super sweet and strong fruity smells so the other two were nice, but just not my personal taste. I do wish that the scents were a little more themed like some other book candles that I’ve seen, but this was seriously a really great job!

The shirt is seriously so cute and I LOVE the quote (Midsummer Night’s Dream is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays!)!

For the first ever box curated by this new company, this was absolutely amazing and really affordable! I asked the owner about why she chose the different scents and she was happy to explain, so I know that careful thought was put into each of the candles!

PRICE: 1349 Rupees (plus small delivery charges)


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