UNBOXING: Blind Date With A Book

~I’ve made it my personal mission to try all the book subscription boxes in Pakistan in the years that I’m studying here because why not?~

bookcafeofficial.pk's profile picture So I was really intrigued by the Blind Date with a Book idea. I’m usually not one for surprises, but the hints for the book seemed interesting enough to catch my attention! This box is run by @bookcafeofficial!

The September theme had the following hints:

-A Date out of 365 days

-Romance, Adult Fiction

UNBOXING (also on insta):


1. A cute tote: I LOVE totes, okay?
2. A heart shaped balloon and a really cheesy card (gag gifts???)
3. An explicit button (funny, but not something I would display) and a magnet with a swoon worthy quote (I looked it up, and it’s by Colleen Hoover!)
4. A cute bookmark with a great quote!
5. Colorful Reading Lists: This is one of my favorite things from the package! I love the colors!
6. Cute notebook: Really great quality and super adorable!
7. Poetry book by Amna Ameer (@the.nerd.writer ) : The art on it is gorgeous and I’m sure the art inside is just as wonderful!
8. A fruity mason jar!
9. A PERSONALIZED note in a bottle! Like.. there’s blue sand inside and a key and it’s SO. CUTE.
10. And finally, the book! November 9 by Colleen Hoover is about a couple that meets one day out of the year AND it’s about writing! I AM SO EXCITED TO READ IT! This is my first ever Colleen Hoover book! And surprisingly, I had never heard of her until bookstagram!


I think after my other experiences with the other boxes, I had my hopes way high up. This was a good box, but it just didn’t feel like i was worth the money. I think the card and balloon really threw me off. The bookmark was just okay quality as well. Everything else, however, was really great and fit the cutesy theme! My favorite item was definitely the note in the bottle. It’s a really great prop for pictures and the idea was so adorable! And the personalized note was even cuter!

PRICE: 2750 Rs (including delivery: see, this was the same price as the Absolutely Booked box and so I guess I was hoping for more because of that?

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