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A Whole New World (Twisted Tales #1) REVIEW

A Whole New World by Liz Braswell

Rating: 3/5


I was very intrigued by this mostly because of the cover and title. I love retellings, and Aladdin is really great! Now, overall it was a great twist to the Disney story, but it didn’t make a lasting impression. It was cute while I was reading it and I appreciated the darkness and expansion to the characters… bu otherwise, it wasn’t anything super special.


The first couple of chapters is skimmable mostly because it’s straight up the Disney version. Then, the twist happens. Instead of Aladdin finding the lamp and getting the Genie, Jafar possesses it and everything gets much darker and very very evil. I was definitely intrigued because I’m a suckcer for dark tales… but it quickly became very… plain.


I did love that Jasmine wasn’t just the classic Princess. There was much more to her, and I think her and Aladdin’s relationship was a little more expanded in this. It focused less on the romance and more on this war which was pretty cool.


I would recommend this to anyone who likes twists to classic stories, especially dark ones. I would recommend this if you’re feeling like reading something that doesn’t require much thought. Other than that though, it was just average. I might read her other twisted tales, but it’s not high on my tbr.

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