Bookish Merch, In Pakistan

UNBOXING: Travelers Tales

~I’ve made it my personal mission to try all the book subscription boxes in Pakistan in the years that I’m studying here because why not?~

travellers_.tales's profile picture This is the last box on my quest! I don’t think there are any more sub boxes in Pakistan as of now! I was really intrigued by this one because of the cultural aspect. Each box has something Pakistani, which I thought was so thoughtful and awesome!



UNBOXING (also on insta):


🏷A ticket for the Hogwarts Express! OMG YES.
🏷A gorgeous postcard with an urdu passage on the back (I’m super slow when reading urdu but basically it’s very poetic and talks about traveling!)
🏷A little passport inspired by Around the world in 80 days
🏷A map of Westeros! (I haven’t seen GoT and don’t really plan to but the map is still so stunning!)
🏷Candy (not pictured here because I ate it whoops)
🏷A gorgeous bookmark with the quote “Not All Who Wander Are Lost”. LOVE IT
🏷Temporary Tattoos and watermelon shaped soap and this AMAZING smelling perfume!
🏷A lovely passport case and a waterproof phone/camera case! So So useful!
🏷A notepad with fun little travel games! This is perfect for long layovers! 🏷A coin that came with information about the Trevi Fountain to make a wish! That’s literally so well thought out! I love that idea!
🏷Hogsmeade Art Print: It looks amazing on my closet!
🏷A gorgeous Book Sleeve AND TWO BOOKS: One is an urdu novel and the other is Moonlight Over Manhattan!


I was overall really pleased by this box! I loved the thought put into it, especially with the useful items like the passport case and travel game pad! I do think the quality of the prints could be a bit better but besides that, everything else was great! I especially loved the cultural part of it. even though I can’t read urdu I loved that an urdu novel was included!

PRICE: 2400 Rs (it says free delivery but I had to pay for some reason???)

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