UNBOXING: The Flame Affair (Yes, again!)

36538248_226948691137269_550739314154143744_nNow that my quest to try all of the boxes is complete, I can choose whichever box I want! And because I’m obsessed with candles, naturally, I bought @theflameaffair’s next box which was themed “A Gruesome Eve”. This time, there were different options for boxes. A mini box (3 candles, 2 items) and a Jumbo box (4 candles, 2 items, and a book!). I obviously got the Jumbo box (you can never have enough books!).

UNBOXING (also on insta):




🕯Occamy (like the really awesome creature from Fantastic Beasts!): chocolate scented! And the glitter is GORGEOUS!
🕯Lucille (from Walking Dead): blood orange scented (IT’S SO YUMMY SMELLING)
🕯Master of Caraval: jasmine and lemon (omg it’s so so magical!)
🕯Platform 9 and 3/4 (YAY more HP!): sandalwood (my friend said it smelled like London so…perfect!)

And it also had two goodies plus the book!:
💫A bookmark with a quote from Caraval by @another.aesthete which is so pretty!
💫A poster with a Dumbledore quote by @myintrovertedbubble and it’s so so lovely!
💫And a Christmas-y book! “Christmas wishes” by Katie Flynn! Sounds cute! (Each box had a different book, which I think is pretty cool!)


Obviously, The Flame Affair has really stepped up their game! Even the box that it came in was better! The candles were great! The items were awesome! I’m just really happy! Not only do they have affordable boxes, but the items are great! They also have options for customized candles now!

PRICE: 2200 Rs (including delivery)

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