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Story Time: Wearing My Hijab

So as you know, I’m a Muslim and a hijabi! So today I wanted to take a little bit of time to talk about what exactly a hijab is (I promise, it’s like a paragraph. I’m not about to preach to you to join the religion or anything. Just trying to clear some facts!), some common misconceptions, and why I wear it.

Explained: the differences between the burka, niqab, hijab, chador and dupatta.


So firstly, the concept of hijab is mostly about “Modesty”. BUT, most people think that hijab is JUST the act of covering your hair. But it’s also about just being modest in the way you act. AND, it isn’t just on females. Just to give a bit of background, the Quran says for men to lower their gazes (aka: stop staring) and to cover up and THEN it says for females to do the same. (Surah An-Nur, Ayah 30-31)

Now, I don’t want to go full preaching mode or anything. It’s just a common misconception that only women are supposed to be modest.

ANYWAY, here are some really sarcastic answers to funny questions I’ve gotten or friends have gotten about the hijab (though some are old and people don’t really think it anymore, I’m sure😂)

1. Do you wear it in the shower? Yep. Shampooing your scarf will definitely hlp your hair be less gross. (My friend told me the perfect answer to this was “yes. I use Hijab and shoulders” and I wish I had come up with that)
2. Do you get hot in that? of course! But then again, I get hot wearing jeans and a shirt in the middle of summer.
3. Do you have anything hidden under there? Yes. Secrets. I’m Gretchen. That’s why my hijab is so big. or, alternatively, The Dark Lord He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named is there.
4. Can you show me your hair? I mean I could but in all honesty, it’s a mess.
5. Not really a question, but one time I overheard these two people talking. “Oh, man. I feel so bad for her having to wear that.” I wish I’d hadthe courage to go up to them and say 1) It’s not polite to talk about people behind their back and 2) I wasn’t forced to wear it. if anything, you should feel bad that I have to wear this uniform. It’s so tacky.

I started wearing the hijab when the day before the first day of 9th grade. I always knew I wanted to wear the hijab. It wasn’t really expected of me but I just really wanted to. Like a rite of passage.

Part of me wanted to wear it because of religious reasons. I also just really look up to my mother, and she wears hijab as well.

But in a weird way, I really wanted to go into high school with some sort of transformation. Reading all these books featuring high schoolers, it felt like a trend that everyone comes back from summer break a new person. A better person. More popular, prettier, smarter, blah blah blah.

And going into high school seemed like the perfect time to work on my identity. I remember in my college applications, I wrote about the feeling of putting on my hijab and walking into school like I was in a reality TV show. I could hear the X Factor heartbeat as I walked through the entrance. I was excited and nervous.

What if my friends were actually low key racist and didn’t want to be friends with me anymore? What if they didn’t recognize me? Did the scarf make my face look weird? Oh my gosh they match with my braces GROSS.

But thankfully, Nothing happened. My friends greeted me the same way (you have no idea the relief I felt.). They didn’t stare or even point it out!

Looking back, I’m just so grateful that my friends stuck by me. There were points where someone would say something and my friends wouldn’t be afraid to stick up for me. There was never a moment I regretted wearing it. (I mean, it was disgustingly hot, but that wouldn’t have changed if I didn’t wear it)

It’s always just been a part of my identity. It’s my superhero cape. My confidence booster. The way I express myself! (I love to match my hijabs obviously)

The last thing I wanted to address was this false idea that the hijab means “don’t talk to me. Don’t ask me.”. On the contrary, I think wearing a hijab means (among other things) that I’m a proud Muslim. That you shouldn’t be afraid to ask me about it. It’s like the (slightly less tacky) version of the vests workers wear at Walmart. It’s an invitation to ask me about my religion.

It wouldn’t offend me to be asked a question. It would offend me if you just assumed instead. So if you’d like, go ahead and ask! (Questions about hijab, the Quran, Islam… anything!)

Do you have a significant point in your life that you identify as your rite of passage?

24 thoughts on “Story Time: Wearing My Hijab”

  1. I’m so sad that you had to be so worried about your friends’ reactions, and so happy to hear they were so positive!!! That’s when you know you’ve got the good ones 😀 I started laughing at the thought of matching the scarf to those colored rubber bands they let your choose on braces. THAT is truly iconic!

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    1. I’m so lucky I didn’t have to deal with a lot of the things most hijabis in America had to deal with! And oh my goodness, the whole matching thing got REALLY out of hand😂 like they would ask me what color I wanted and I wouldn’t know and say the first thing that came to mind (which of course was the color of the scarf I was wearing)… YIKES


    1. I’ve always learned in sunday school and in my own research that “hijab” the word itself actually just means ‘to cover’ in the sense that it means ‘modesty’ which isn’t just a piece of cloth on your head. It’s demonstrated by the way Muslims act and talk as well. And that doesn’t apply to just females. It’s something all Muslims should strive to be. Modest. Kind. Compassionate. I’ve learned that it’s contradictory to wear the scarf while acting in a non “modest” way. The dictionary definition of modest is: “unassuming in the estimation of one’s abilities or achievements.” Which isn’t anything to do with what you wear really. It’s in the way you present yourself as a person. If that makes sense

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      1. May Allah reward you for your response. The word ‘hijab’ means ‘a cover/screen/barrier/curtain’ although people popularly believe it means ‘modesty/how a woman should dress’. Rather than type it all here….I have written about this on my site. Please do take a look. (entitled ‘Muslim women are more than hijab’.

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      2. I think the idea of hijab is something that is allowed to be open to interpretation by anyone who reads the Quran. And it’s not up to me to judge others by their choices 🤷🏽‍♀️


  2. Girl I love your hijabi story and goodness those hilarious questions and answers though. 🤦‍♀️
    Also I strongly agree with the part that ‘Hijab’ is not just for covering your hair. Correct! It’s more than just a piece of cloth. We Muslims wear it (Hijab) to follow what is written in Qur’aan. Modesty should be demonstrated in our actions and behavior as well, And may Allah swt reward us for fulfilling his commandment for modesty.

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  3. I LOVE this post! It’s so wonderful listening to someone’s journey and decision to wear the hijab (also, I can’t believe I’ve never heard the term dupatta when they’re so common!) Your friends’ reactions make me so happy – I now have more faith in humanity. 🙂

    I can’t believe someone asked you if you shower with it… that’s just idiocy on whole other level!

    “It’s always just been a part of my identity. It’s my superhero cape. My confidence booster. The way I express myself! – Showering heart eye emojis at you right now! I love this!

    One of my best friends wears the hijab, and I think she always looks so wonderfully demure and stylish in a completely classy way. It’s so beautiful how well she matches them with her outfits as well.

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! It means a lot! 🙈💜

      and yeah people can say strangely weird things when they don’t know stuff😂

      Omg thank you again 😭🙈

      I aspire to be classy and stylish with my hijabs but I’m so lazy now I straight up just throw on scrubs and whatever hijab and just go with it 😂

      Again, thank you so so much for taking the time to read this! I really really appreciate it💜

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  4. The sarcastic section 😂🤣🤣 . I really like how your 9th grade self was so mature in being who you are and embrace your identity. I am very proud of you but I hv a ques, Its not necessary right to wear hijab for Muslims women ? I had 2 muslim girls in my school, a tuition friend another jusr schoolmates one used to wore, another didn’t.

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    1. Hahah thanks for reading! And thank you so much💜 that’s a great question!

      So technically in the Quran, it’s required to wear hijab once you hit puberty. BUT it’s always a choice! The ability to choose is what makes us human after all! “Hijab” has a few different connotations, and one of those is the actual covering of hair, and another is practicing modesty (as a way of life— for example, not trying to attract attention of others or showing off, etc.).

      Everybody is at different levels of faith, you know? My sisters also don’t wear hijab, but it’s up to them if they feel ready. It’s definitely a big commitment! For me personally, it helped me feel closer to my faith and has helped me live my life, but to other it might not be that way, if that makes sense! Hope that helped! Let me know if you have any more questions though!

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      1. You are welcome!!

        Thank you for making me aware when people start wearing hijab. It’s really cool to know.
        I love the hijab wearing style!! I think it’s makes u cool more cool.The reason behind wearing Hijab is a way , like every religion has, so I think it’s pretty ok.

        Like u will have to sustain the commitment forever? U can’t drop? Wearing Hijab.
        That’s nice everyone has different perspective, if it has helped u then it’s very good.
        It has definitely helped in knowing more about your religion, I am really curious to know more about this.

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      2. I’ve known people to stop wearing hijab because of various reasons, but I never ask why they did it (because it isn’t up to me to judge, you know?). Usually, people express their faith in other ways, and who knows who is more faithful? The hijab doesn’t make anyone “more religious” than someone else because we have no idea what anyone does behind closed doors or in their hearts, you know?

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      3. It’s absolutely their choice, that’s nice everyone can express what they like to do. Exactly, having more faith in heart is more required than on the surface. Maybe u r right , wearing Hijab or not is their decision, being faithful or not is theirs too.

        I really like the flow of your thoughts.
        Thank you for informing!!

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