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I didn’t think I’d like to work out but here I am…

So it turns out all those times everyone would talk about how working out made them feel happy and I scoffed and thought, “Ha! Yeah, right!”… they were right in a totally weird way?

I mean, as a medical student, I know the benefits of working out and I could go on and on about how it lowers the risk of heart diseases and diabetes and blah blah blah, but honestly I feel like that would turn out like those speeches you agree with but never actually put into action. So here’s some things I’ve learned about myself when I started working out:

1.I absolutely hate running. For the longest time, I honestly thought you had to be a runner to work out. My sister was in cross-country and I was the lazy one that hated all that. Nope. I hate running and I still don’t do it but I still work out!

2.I have a love-hate relationship with working out. While I’m working out, it’s a constant battle. I’m always about to give up, but afterwards, it’s like I’ve won the Hunger Games from the way I feel!

3.I hate working out in a gym in public. No thanks. I’d rather not spend the entire time worrying about other people looking. So instead, I work out in my room!

4.I like having a workout buddy. It contradicts the whole “I don’t work out in public” but working out with a friend makes it a bit more fun, and also you’re both dying and pushing each other so it’s great!

5.I love ab workouts. That burn is the BEST.

6.I’m competitive so getting a FITBIT was perfect for setting a goal and trying to reach it every day!

Honestly, the main reason I work out is because if I’m going to be a doctor and telling patients to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle, I shouldn’t really be a hypocrite, right?

ANYWAY, my goals for working out were just to actually you know… do it. And I did! It’s a great way to procrastinate when I don’t feel like studying (hey, if that isn’t motivation I don’t know what is!). It actually does make me feel good in a weird way. After putting in all the effort, I feel a really great sense of accomplishment, and I do weirdly feel a surge of energy (mentally more than physically).

My motto is that if I exercise, I earn the chocolate that I will inevitable eat!

Workouts I like to do:


Honestly, ever since I discovered Cassey Ho’s youtube channel, I haven’t looked back at any other workout. She’s so genuinely enthusiastic about her workouts and she really challenges me with fun and new workouts! She does POP Pilates and has all kinds of creative, fun workouts to do! There’s even some “lazy” workouts for when you really don’t want to workout!

On her website, she even has a monthly interactive calendar that focuses on different areas of the body every day of the week! This is December’s calendar:

She even has different challenges which are so great! I tried her #StretchRevolution challenge in November and I’ve become so much more flexible!


When I first started working out I used this couple’s youtube workouts. They’re straightforward and on their website, they even have their workouts organized by time, focus, and level!


The only thing for me was that I got bored easily because there was no music in the background! But otherwise, I really enjoyed experimenting with these workouts!


Another YouTube channel I enjoy is POP Sugar. They have a variety of different workouts. I don’t like all of them, but it’s good for when you’re trying to find something new!

4. Just Dance!

I have an XBOX so sometimes I just play Just Dance and it doesn’t even feel like you’re working out because you’re too busy jamming to your favorite songs!

Other dance workouts I enjoy:

FitDance Various choreography for all the new popular songs!

Bernadette Barber She loves Panic! at the Disco and creates really awesome choreographed workouts that KILL.

If you’ve read this far, thanks so much! I know I went on a full rant so it’s totally cool if you didn’t read it all! But hey, maybe you have some recommendations for workouts you like to do? Do you have any fitness goals?

5 thoughts on “I didn’t think I’d like to work out but here I am…”

    1. I have! I’m super impatient so yoga is a bit tough for me because it requires a LOT of patience! And also, my goal when working out is to get my heart racing which yoga doesn’t really do! But recently I’ve dedicated some time (like once a week ish) to improve my flexibility which definitely means more yoga!

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      1. Really? Haha I’m the same. It’s like when I run or anything, I only want to go 100% instead of just pacing myself. I have to try yoga or something to improve my flexibility because I am absolutely not that!

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