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Goals of 2019

So I don’t really think of them as “New Year’s Resolutions” because if I miss a goal, I don’t want to just give up. I want each day to be a fresh start! So here’s some things I want to accomplish in the new year!


  • Read at least one book recommended to me a month! (Got any recommendations?)


  • One classic. Just one! Classics are so intimidating to me that it’s so hard for me to pick one up, even if I usually do enjoy them! (My TBR is Wuthering Heights)


  • My goodreads challenge is 40 books! (Last year it was 25 and I actually read 66! It’s a bit tough because of med school, but I’m going to try!)


  • Dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to reading! Sometimes (especially right now when I’m on vacation) I find it hard finding that time because I just don’t feel like it! (Though once I start reading I can’t put it down…)



  • Once classes start up again, I want to make it a goal to wake up early and study for at least an hour. I’m most productive in the morning (after breakfast)… but the waking up part is incredibly difficult!


  • Do at least 10k steps a day (though I’m really having a hard time with this one whoops)


  • Work out as regularly as possible! At least four-five times a week!


  • I want to vary my workouts. Try some new ones, work on my flexibility and all…


  • Be more patient! 2018 was absolutely terrible, and looking back, I realize I really need to work on my own issues (UGH.)


  • Try to stop overthinking about every little thing because that literally is the WORST.



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