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January Wrap-Up 2019

January has been a pretty busy month for me! I’ve been on a little mini-vacation and usually, the first couple of months of the year are my “slump” months! This time, however, I was actually able to read and I definitely wasn’t expecting to have that kind of motivation or time!

I joined the #2019ToGReadathon and am currently about to finish the Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass #3) which is great! If you don’t know, I didn’t enjoy Throne of Glass the first time I read it, and never got around to trying again until now! I honestly still feel the same way about the first book, but I’m enjoying the series so far and trying to keep an open mind!

On top of that, I am on the Street Team for We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal (comes out May 14th) and I have really been enjoying getting involved with that!

ANYWAY, here’s a little wrap-up of all the adventures I went on in January:


So I read 5 books this month! Two of them were ARCS! I’ve been trying to get more involved with the reading community (though it’s tough because I’m a medical student) and I’ve really been happy with how I’ve managed to still make time for books and reviewing!

  • Crooked Kingdom 5🌟
  • Throne of Glass 3.5🌟
  • The Weight of Our Sky e-ARC 5🌟
  • Crown of Midnight 4🌟
  • Just for Clicks e-ARC 5🌟

I think the highlight of the month was definitely The Weight of Our Sky because it just really blew me away and I couldn’t put the book down at all! I loved all the books I read, but that was definitely a stand-out! Crooked Kingdom and Just for Clicks were also amazing and it would be hard to just pick one as my top read of the month!


  • Aquaman 3.5🌟
  • Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse 5🌟
  • A Simple Favor 5🌟
  • The Princess Switch 3.5🌟
  • Taylor Swift Reputation Tour Movie 5🌟
  • Bird Box 4🌟

I wish I could have been in the States during Taylor’s tour, but alas, I wasn’t. Just Don’t Blame Me alone, stole my heart, though every song is amazing! I also though Spider-Verse was PHENOMENAL! I didn’t expect it to be so mind blowing and fun! Miles Morales is one of my favorite comic characters (other than Kamala Khan!)!


  • I did an observership at a local hospital and a clinic, where I learned quite a lot (and now I’m exhausted)
  • I participated in a photo challenge
  • I revealed my “secret identity” (Star is obviously an alias)
  • I met Roshani Choksi and got signed copies of The Gilded Wolves and Star Touched Queen! (Which btw, she’s so funny and nice! And also, I somehow needed up sitting right up in the front next to her mother, who was also really nice!)


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