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Six Times Forever– and how I HAD SO MANY FEELINGS by Syed Umar I. Bukhari

Six Times Forever by Syed Umar I. Bukhari

Rating: 3.5-3.75/5

Publication date: April 13th, 2019

The realization of poetic storytelling and a stunning debut for a melodious poet, Six Times Forever is filled with vivid imagery and hopeless romance. Three varied point of views with an array of unique poetry styles can be found interspersed throughout the book.

It is a tale of two passionate lovers: fervent and fanatic, sizzling and sensuous. Part of the Muslim world where love is still considered taboo, ameliorated with the modern times; surreal in parts; supernatural in others but invariably heartfelt and effervescent, like honey draping the heavens.

May you doubt the love of the sun for its moon, the abundance of stars, the gleaming rainbow, the echoing clouds…

Doubt not that i love

I was given an e-copy by the author in exchange for an honest review–all thoughts are my own and are not influenced by the fact that I received this by the author.

I usually don’t read poetry–like ever– because while I think it’s a beautiful form of expression, it tends to go over my head. This poetry collection read more like spoken word poetry. It was a beautiful collection of love and heartbreak. And though I myself have never been through heartbreak, it felt like I was going through that emotion while reading it.

This was easy to follow for the most part (though sometimes the flowery prose and descriptions made me think twice) and if you want to feel EXTRA HEARTBREAK I recommend listening to sad Taylor Swift songs while reading.

Some notable poems:

  • Depths of Divine : I just loved the last stanzas. It reminded me of some of my favorite OTPs of my favorite books! There was a lot of emotion in this piece!
  • Doubt Not that I Love: As you can see from the quote above, I just really loved the way this was written and how gorgeous it was!
  • Six Feet : This is when I started to play Taylor Swift in the background so… I BROKE.
  • Happy Birthday : This really got me. I’ve never had my heart broken but this poem just really hit hard with all the feelings! It was too relatable (maybe not romantically for me, but just this feeling of being alone or not getting what you expect from people close to you).

I wish to never be sober again when I’m drunk on you.


Of course, there were some poems that I didn’t quite understand… but that was me, personally and I’m not letting that interfere with this review.

I loved the emotion and how the author really put their heart out there. Though the flowery prose and descriptions were a bit much to take in at some points, it didn’t take away from the overall feeling and messages conveyed in the poems.

Also, just because I found it crazy, I listened to Taylor Swift songs while reading this and there were some points where the song fit SO PERFECTLY IT WAS SCARY:

  • I listened to Sad, Beautiful, Tragic and then I got to a poem called SAD BEAUTIFUL TRAGIC. (It’s sorcery, I tell you)
  • Come Back be Here came up when I started reading COME BACK, MY LOVE… MY LOVE? (Needless to say, i was very freaked out)
  • And at the end, I listened to Begin Again, which really fit the vibe of the poem!

It’s better to be held than holding on.

Apple honey burns

I would recommend this to anyone who is feeling the need to read something heartbreaking, likes sad songs/poetry, and enjoys a writing style that really makes you feel every emotion even if you’ve never felt it before!

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