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YAY FOR MORE CANDLES!: The.Candlelicious

I clearly have a candle problem but I was so intrigued by this company because it came out of nowhere and they take custom orders!

Here they are on INSTAGRAM


This was a custom 6 oz candle! They were so so helpful and kind and LOOK AT THAT GORGEOUS LABEL AHHHHH!

I didn’t know what kind of scent I wanted exactly, but I’m very specific about the scents I like so they were really patient and helpful in helping me pick out something! They reply in a timely manner AND THE BEST PART? They donate 10% of your purchase to charity! It’s a win-win!

So this candle is obviously inspired by my favorite Disney movie (TANGLED!) and I am so happy with it! It smells like a garden (french lavender and violets) and it had little glitter stars inside!


-8Oz Glass Jar for 1400/- Rs

– 6Oz Glass Jar for 800/- Rs

-4Oz Glass Jar for 650/- Rs

-3Oz Glass jar 580/- Rs

Delivery: 200 Rs

2 thoughts on “YAY FOR MORE CANDLES!: The.Candlelicious”

  1. I love the setup you did for your bookstagram pic and I love that they do custom candles! I actually need to order more custom candles desperately!!! 🙂 Because there’s so many fandoms and books that I just can’t get the right merch for.

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