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UNBOXING: Absolutely Booked Royally Cursed Box

~I’ve made it my personal mission to try all the book subscription boxes in Pakistan in the years that I’m studying here because why not?~

So all the bookworms in Pakistan talk non stop about Absolutely Booked. This is a bimonthly subscription box run by @prismsandpaintbrushes 

I got a box by them last year (check it out HERE) so I was REALLY excited when I saw the theme and just had to get it! Treat yo’ self, amiright?


You can also see my full unboxing on my INSTAGRAM

🥀Art Print inspired by Beauty and the Beast

🥀Art Stamp stickers which are so so cute!

🥀Roses Iron Patches

🥀Zipper Pouch with some unforgivable curses!

🥀Feather shaped pen

🥀Notebook with a funny quote from my favorite Weasleys

🥀A stunning cursed rose necklace

🥀My favorite item: a stunning metal bookmark with a few charms

🥀A Curse so Dark and Lonely (I literally bought this box because I wanted this book)

Overall, I was really impressed by the quality of the items. I do wish that the book had been hardcover, but the spine was so beautiful in the paperback so I think I’ll be okay!

These were my absolute FAVORITE THINGS

Price: This was more expensive than last time, but it was still totally worth it because the quality was wonderful! 2950 Rs with 200 delivery charges (3150 Rs)

My Thoughts

This box was slightly more expensive than before, but I get why and it was still worth it! I loved all the items, but I do wish that we would get more underrated fandoms and maybe less Harry Potter? I mean, everybody loves Harry Potter… but I can get that stuff anywhere and I wanted more diverse stuff if that makes sense. That isn’t limited to just this box though so it’s more of a general complaint.

One thing that I don’t like about this box is the lack of communication… if you DM them, they rarely reply and that can be a little frustrating. You also don’t get an email or text confirmation about when the box is actually delivered which can be a little stressful if you aren’t at home and need to have cash on hand for the delivery.

Other than that, the box is superb and this is my second order from them, so it’s obvious that I really do love this box!

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