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January ShelfLove Crate: Squad Goals Unboxing

I really wanted to try this one while I was at home for vacation but this one came a few days after I left and I realized I NEVER ACTUALLY DID A PROPER UNBOXING WHOOPS. The theme sounded really fun and it turns out I already had the book though so that was a bit sad. Oh, well!

You can check out my unboxing on INSTA as well!

  • So first up is the book The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Choksi (which btw is really great and I don’t think my review did it complete justice but here it is anyway). I actually already own a signed copy because I went to her event (WHAT!!) and though the art inside by @DianaDworak is nice, it didn’t have the WOW factor I was hoping for! I don’t know… when I heard this would be an exclusive edition, this just isn’t what I had in mind!
  • Next is the Court of Dreams pin by @HeyAtlasCreative which is cool. Not a huge fan of the fandom (like, it’s fine, but not my favorite), but it was a really pretty pin!
  • The Marauder’s Map scarf was the reason the box was delayed if I recall correctly and honestly I was so sad about this. The material isn’t even soft so like… I will never use this. I actually have one from HP World and I wear that all the time so this was just really sad to me. It was done by @KikoIllustration who did a wonderful job… but the material? UGH.
  • I’ve never had a bookish tattoo but the Dregs tattoo designed by @BookMarkd.Tattoos was cool!
  • Now onto the good stuff! I really loved the Kaz and Inej exclusive collectible chess pieces! I wish I could collect them all, but I’m glad that I got these! They’re super cute and done by @SilkeTara
  • I loved the idea of a bookend and though I haven’t read or watched (I KNOW!!! I’m terrible) LOTR, this was still a gorgeous piece! I use it to hold my Muslim Shelf Space in my library while I wait to get another shelf!
  • Honestly my favorite part of the box wasn’t even book related but at least it was a fandom I’m a part of! The awesome magnetic bookmarks featuring the characters from Stranger Things are so so adorable! These are designed by @Naomi_Lord.

So, this box was a bit of a disappointment, but that’s mostly because the scarf (which is the reason for the delay) wasn’t even that great. The bookend was really nice though and some of the other items were great! I love the collectible chess piece idea! The other con of this box was that this was the ONE TIME they didn’t have their pretty boxes and just used shelflove packing tape on normal boxes instead. Not a huge deal but I kind of wanted one for my little collection of book boxes (I’m weird, fight me).

I love watching unboxings, so recently I have seen better boxes from ShelfLove, so this won’t stop me from trying again maybe some other time!

Price: $30 (not including shipping).

2 thoughts on “January ShelfLove Crate: Squad Goals Unboxing”

  1. What a great unboxing post!! ^_^ I adore The Gilded Wolves & that’s so cool to see it featured (& the character art inside the book looks wonderful). I’m definitely going to be checking out your review!! ❤


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