Bookish Merch, USA

Magical Reads Crate JUNE Unboxing

I am so excited because I won this in a giveaway and the theme was Sense and Sensibility which is cool because I don’t know much about Jane Austen other than the basics so this introduced me to new things!

Make sure to check them out on INSTAGRAM and THEIR WEBSITE.


  • Jane Austen Mug by @philosophersguild
  • Socks by @outofprint
  • Bookmark by @lemme_doodle
  • Candle by Magical Reads Crate
  • Pin by @midnightbookgirl_
  • Pillow Mist by Magical Reads Crate
  • Ordinary Girls by Blair Thornburgh with letter and signed bookplate! It’s a retelling and I’m excited to read it!


I was really impressed with the box! I hadn’t heard of the book before so I was happy because usually it’s a book I’ve been hearing about everywhere and it’s so hyped. It’s nice to be introduced to something new! Everything stuck to the theme and because I got it sent to me internationally it took quite a while to come and even though the box was a bit banged up, nothing inside was damaged to the point where it was unusable. Of course, due to customs, the box had been opened and so the book jacket was a bit bent near the top (however, I just put some heavy books over it to flatten it out so it should be fine!).

It was clear that for a debut box, this was really well thought out and everything stuck to the theme! I would definitely recommend this company! My favorite things were the candle and mist and that HUGE mug. All amazing quality! And they smelled SO. GOOD.

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