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Adventures in August 2019

August was a very busy month! It was honestly really insane and so much happened that I can’t believe it was in this month! I went on a trip to Northern Pakistan and it was honestly amazing and I STILL HAVE TO WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED AND ORGANIZE ALL THE PICTURES AND VIDEOS AHHHH!

On top of that, I started my surgery rotations for the last semester of medical school! I’ve been procrastinating A LOT and I really need to start concentrating and get more studying done! I also found out that I passed my semester IX exams fro Medicine and Pediatrics which means I can ceremoniously burn my pediatrics book that I will never touch again mwahahaha

Besides that, I had a pretty slow reading month and it feels like I really didn’t do much else. The month just really flew by! I know I had a few days off because of Eid holidays and I got to spend some time with my cousins which was fun!

Any fun adventures for you guys this last month?


  • Tiger Queen by Annie Sullivan (RTC on September 10th as a part of FFBC tours!) 4.5/5🌟
  • City of Ghosts by V.E. Schwab–Audiobook (RTC–Soon, hope!) 5/5🌟
  • Legend by Marie Lu (this was a re-read after 7 years in preparation for REBEL!) 5/5🌟


  • 50/50 (unexpected, but I felt like watching something with Joseph-Gordon-Levitt so… win-win?)
  • Get Smart (a re-watch because why not)
  • Stranger Things Season 3 (WHAT A RIDE! I was sadly spoiled for the few major things but it was still intense and fun!)
  • Teen Wolf Season 2-3 (I’m only watching for Stiles okay?)
  • I also re-watched The Hunger Games again with a friend. My commentary is great, okay?!


I’m basically obsessed with Lover by the one and only Taylor Swift! Also, I’m really excited for Alessia Cara‘s new EP and am just loving all the good vibes!

5 thoughts on “Adventures in August 2019”

  1. Oh wow! I’m so far behind on all things since I was away for two weeks. I always think I’ll be able to read a lot and also be able to keep up on at least Bookstagram but yeah, always an epic fail! Oops.

    Your August also sounds pretty busy and I’m glad you loved your trip!

    Hope to catch up with you soon!


  2. it sounds like you had a great month!! i can’t wait to read your post about your trip to northern pakistan that literally sounds so incredible. and a late eid mubarak!! lol i hope you and your family had a blessed eid 💖

    wasn’t city of ghosts so scary?? for a book that marketed as middle grade it creeped me out more than i expected and i cant wait to read the sequel. i hope your having a great september

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    1. I really need to start typing up that Pakistan Tour post😂🙈 hope you did too💜💜💜💜 City of Ghosts was definitely creepy!

      Thanks for checking out this post! Hope you have an amazing September too!!!!

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