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The Daevabad Book Tag

The lovely Quintessentially Bookish tagged me to do the Daevabad Book Tag based off the trilogy by S.A. Chakraborty! If you haven’t read City of Brass you should check it out and check out my review HERE if you’d like!

You can find the original book tag by Neelam over at The Tsundoku Chronicles HERE. I’m going to make this challenging for myself because my automatic response for every answer is We Hunt the Flame and Percy Jackson so… here’s me trying to NOT be on brand hahahah. (Also I totally added my reviews for the books I have reviews for because why not?)

1 Alizayd Al-Qahtani – A book with a nerdy character

My boy Enrique from The Gilded Wolves! What a sweetheart! He’s also just overall a gorgeous character inside and out!

Check out my review HERE.

2 Nahri – A book with a resourceful character

Jameela wants to be a journalist in this Little Women inspired story and she’s definitely resourceful and way smarter than I was at her age!

Check out my review HERE.

3 Darayavahoush e-Afhsin – A book with broody characters


Guys this is literally my favorite book of all time ever and I wish I talked about it more!

Review is HERE.

4 Muntadhir Al-Qahtani – A book with flirty characters

Cameron is definitely a big flirt and she owns it! I love Shakespeare retellings and they do a splendid job with all of their stories!

Mini Review is HERE.

5 Zaynab Al-Qahtani – A book with witty characters

All of the characters in this absolutely phenomenal book are super witty and hilarious! FRank is so funny and relatable!

Check out my review HERE.

6 Jamshid e-Pramoukh – Cinnamon rolls

annndddd I was doing so well but I couldn’t NOT mention Nasir Ghameq the CInnamon Roll Prince.

Check out my review HERE.

7 Ghassan Al-Qahtani – Villain you root for

Okay so Hann in this book was a very intriguing villain and I totally understood his point of view even when I knew it was wrong because ya know… villain.

I’ll be writing a review soon but I loved it!

8 Queen Hatset – A book with a powerful queen

Maram is so powerful and scary and intimidating! This was definitely an intriguing book!

9 Wajed – Loyal sidekicks

I’d like to say that Apollo is the sidekick, okay? Plus Reyna’s dogs Argentum and Aurum.

10 Lubayd – Book that made you laugh out loud

Every single thing about this book was relatable and fun! Literally everyone should read this book, not gonna lie!

11 Aqisa – A book with badass females

Duh. No other words necessary.

12 Nisreen – Motherly characters

Esme was such a cute character and this story was so fun!

13 Subha – Characters who don’t take no for an answer

I love Ayesha so much. She’s super stubborn (much like Elizabeth Bennet) and determined and smart.

14 Khayzur – A character that’s most likely to sacrifice themselves

ok you should know my first thought was most definitely Percy Jackson. *sigh* I made this hard for me.

Elias for sure *sobs* I mean it’s basically proven…

15 Maniezah – A book with a power driven character

President Snow… actually on that note, President Coin too.

Hope you enjoyed my answers for the tag! I tag anyone who wants to join! Also, sorry it took so long to do it but it was fun!

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