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Adventures in November 2019

This month has been so hectic because it’s the last month of classes in med school (inshaAllah) and that means not only am I experiencing the worst case of senioritis (which causes major anxiety for exams in January), but I’ve also been going to lots of grad “week” celebrations. I got to cosplay as Katara for costume day which was really fun! I got to dress up fancy and light a floating lantern (so basically I was hijabi Rapunzel and it was GLORIOUS). I went to the beach with friends. It was nostalgic and fun and also stressful but I’ll remember this month for a really long time!

ICYMI: Blog Posts of November


  • Light at the Bottom of the World by London Shah: e-ARC (4/5) (REVIEW)
  • All-American Muslim Girl by Nadine Jolie Courtney: e-ARC (5/5) (REVIEW)
  • Chloe Brown Gets a Life by Talia Hibbert: AUDIOBOOK (5/5) (REVIEW)
  • Coral by Sara Ella: e-ARC (3/5) (Review to Come)
  • The Arabic Quilt by Aya Khalil: e-ARC (5/5)
  • That Can be Arranged by Huda Fahmy: e-ARC (5/5)


  • Criminal: UK
  • Let it Snow (Netflix)
  • Carmen Sandiego Season 2
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Charlie’s Angels
  • Howl’s Moving Castle


I’m kind of obsessed with MAMAMOO’s new song HIP! Also, I still haven’t stopped listening to Taylor’s LOVER so…. yeah. I love Alessia Cara’s new Christmas Song and also October is just so pretty!

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