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Webtoon Adaptations I’d LOVE to see

There are so many amazing WebToons right now and I’m so so so behind on everything but anyway, with the news of Lore Olympus getting an animated TV Show adaptation and The Wrath and the Dawn getting a webtoon animation, I thought I’d make a post about more adaptations I’d love to see!

Firstly, here are a few webtoon adaptations already available!

The Wrath and the Dawn is one of my all-time favorite duologies and I definitely downloaded the app specifically for this adaptation! (HERE)

The Weight of Our Sky was a beautiful historical fiction story about a girl with OCD in Malaysia during the race riots. The book was heartbreaking and hopeful and amazing and it’s perfectly portrayed in this webtoon!

I haven’t read The Fever King but maybe I’ll check it out… or maybe I’ll just check out the webtoon first to see if I’m interested hmmm…

NOW… for books I want adapted into webtoons, I have a few in mind:

1.When Dimple Met Rishi

How absolutely adorable would it be to see this hilarious bollywood inspired rom-com adapted as a webtoon? I’d love to see the banter and the meet-cute, especially!

2.Light at the Bottom of the World

I think seeing the animation for this would really bring the sci fi world and story to life! It would make the racing and adventure all the more exciting!

3.The Candle and the Flame


4.The Star Touched Queen

Honestly, I just really want to see the beautiful scenery described throughout this book! It would be stunning to see all the different passageways and the glass garden and the talking dead horse of course!

5. We Hunt the Flame

Obviously. I mean how could I not include this?! Like… I want more art of my gorgeous zumra. Like imagine how much more I would swoon seeing Nasir’s jawline and Altair’s smirk. Also, just… the fight scene. The ARZ. THE ANGST AND PASSION. I WANT IT ALL.

6. An Ember in the Ashes

Okay this one’s also because I want to see Elias more. But also it would be SO. EPIC. I think the world building would be just so amazing to see especially when someone else is interpreting the pain and agony onto the animation!

~Of course, all of these should also just be live action adaptations because we totally deserve that… but in the meantime, maybe someone can adapt these into webtoons?~

What books would you love to see adapted as a webtoon?

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