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2019 Throne of Glass Readathon: Mini Reviews

So if y’all don’t know, the first time I read Throne of Glass I didn’t enjoy it. In fact, I literally didn’t understand that hype? But the merch is so pretty and THERE’S SO MUCH OF IT??? And almost everyone kept saying that “it gets better” so I decided to join the #2019ToGReadathon with some wonderful bookstagrammers and binge read the entire series!

So instead of writing a separate review for every book (because that would take time away from reading… duh!), I’ve decided to share my overall thoughts from each book! I’ll be sharing my “initial thoughts” from right after finishing the book, and then I’ll share a few other thoughts here and there!

If you haven’t read this series (or if you’re like me and stopped after the first one), then maybe this might change your mind (or maybe not–up to you!)

Disclaimer: I wrote these reviews way back in May and since then, I’d just like to say that while these books were entertaining and I can see why they’re hyped but yeah… I don’t think I would read these again or anything. They were a one time thing for me and I’ll keep my ratings because at the time they were definitely fun and entertaining. I definitely stand by my rating because if you read these books and assume everyone is a villain it makes things a whole lot more interesting!

So I’ve actually read this twice now. The first time I read it, I reviewed it fully (HERE) and it wasn’t the best. I didn’t understand the hype at all which is why I didn’t continue. This time, I still had the same general feeling but I pushed through because everyone keeps saying it gets better!

Rating: 3/5

This one still wasn’t super shocking, but it was definitely more enjoyable than the first one. (I actually have a full review for this one as well-HERE) The love triangle for me was just a waste of my time. But the adventure was entertaining!

Rating: 3.5-4/5

Dorian’s story honestly really breaks my heart! Everyone is always talking about Manon but her story felt so separated from the rest of the book it was strange… but I know it’ll probably connect later! The endings are definitely getting better now!

Rating: 4/5

This one REALLY picked up! Dorian’s story absolutely BREAKS ME. And all the stories are starting to connect and I AM HERE FOR IT. No love triangle which makes me very happy! Lysandra definitely made her mark in this story and I’m loving getting to know all these characters!

Rating: 5/5

This is definitely my favorite of the series so far! I really love when the plot is explained and everything you thought was unrelated seemingly clicks into place and completes the puzzle! Maybe I’m a sucker for bittersweet endings, but this one definitely blew me away! The characters, the story, everything!

Rating: 5/5

I didn’t really plan to read this one but I didn’t want to dive straight into Tower of Dawn right after the hype I felt and this was a nice way to bring the story full circle, I think.

Rating: 3/5

So I was thrown off because I had no idea this was going to be Chaol’s story… and I have to admit I was a little disappointed when I figured that out since he is basically not my favorite character. However, I think I have a better understanding of him now and liked the character development. I loved Yrene for sure and the way the story was told was very well done, though I actually grew to dislike Nesryn. I also loved the reveal of all the important information for KoA in this one. I’m definitely terrified for what’s to come!

Rating: 4/5

Alright.. I finally finished. I put this off for a few months actually because I didn’t think I was ready for it to end (and also, mood reading is fun). The stories became separate again (because… well, Empire of Storms…) and the huge battle scene and everything that unfolded had my heart racing! Of course, my favorite characters remain my favorite (Dorian, Lysandra, and Manon)! I loved how the story wrapped up. It wasn’t too “happily ever after” which I appreciated… though I was actually hoping for more heartbreak? If that’s possible?

BUT ALSO THERE WAS DEFINITELY A LOT OF DEATH AND I WAS SAD. It was a strange bittersweet ending… but there was a lot of happy ending too.

I really want more Manon and Dorian! Give me more, please!

Rating: 4/5

So I did it! I finished the entire series! CRAZY. Have you read the series? What did you think? Who are your favorite characters? Which book is your favorite from the series?

6 thoughts on “2019 Throne of Glass Readathon: Mini Reviews”

    1. Yeah that’s kind of what happened to me! Honestly I was very thoroughly entertained after the first two books and if I had read this before it got too hyped I know I would have been a part of it! Definitely give it a try because I do think it’s a fun series overall!

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  1. I’ve heard of Throne of Glass before and most definitely remember adding it to my want to read list! *me as I check my goodreads* YES IT’S THERE! AH, so for the most part is a lot of hype, but wow you read the first book twice!!! I only read a book twice if I get upset at myself for reading through the book too quickly and not appreciating the small details that inner me skimmed over haha.

    Gotta love when authors bring in a love triangle (pls sense my sarcasm). I just love how the books got progressively better in rating, so it’s like suffer in the beginning with not so great stories and then it picks up! *me as I try to decide if I want this on my TBR list anymore* No love triangle for the fourth one YES sign me up, so book 5 and 6 are the queens of the series!!


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    1. Hahahah Yeah I read ToG twice because the first time I just really didn’t like it or get it and there was so much hype and pretty merch that I needed to try again! I really struggled to get through the first two tbh but after that it was pretty addicting and fun (you really have to keep an open mind though. I had a lot of fun with it because I assumed everyone was a villain mwahahah)! Yeah the love triangle was super annoying and pointless so I’m glad it was gone fast because otherwise I wouldn’t have continued reading it!


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