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January Releases I’m Excited for!

Alrighty, y’all. I have a list of amazing books you all should read when they come out this month!

I really enjoyed Sarah Henning’s writing in Sea Witch and I’m honestly a sucker for cute romances centered around things I know nothing about (like sports).

Releases on January 7th!


Okay not gonna lie I totally judged this by the cover but the synopsis is also reaallllyyyy intriguing!

Releases on January 7th!


A lot of my bookstagram friends have been raving about this so this is definitely on my radar!

Releases on January 7th!


I had the pleasure of reading the eARC through netgalley and it was SO CUTE AND ALSO, NIZHONI IS A QUEEN.

Releases January 14th!


Y’all have no idea how absolutely adorable and perfect this book was! I got this through netgalley and I’ll be posting my rave review of this closer to release day but go check it out! It’s hilarious and a lot of fun!

Releases on January 21st!


Yet another absolutely amazing book! I’ll definitely be recommending this for a while! I loved the relationships and the drama and how it tied into video games! I got an ARC through netgalley and devoured this in like one day so… yeah. GO ADD IT TO YOUR TBRs AND PREORDER.

Releases on January 28th!


I know a lot of people are probably going to talk about the sequel to A Curse so Dark and Lonely but… I haven’t read it yet (I know!!!! It’s on my TBR I PROMISE).

Anyway, what January releases are you excited about? Any that you think I might like?

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