Bests and Worsts (Lists), wrap up

Favorite Books of 2019. A spectacular reading year!

2019 was the year of amazing Muslim authors and ownvoices books for me! I honestly think this was one of my most memorable years in terms of books!

Here’s my Goodreads Year in Books.

So if I had to choose a TOP 3 or anything, I would just say the first books that come to my mind to be honest (We hunt the flame, Love from A to Z, There’s Something About Sweetie). I’m going to go month by month and choose my highlights!


Both of these were 5 star reads!


I also read the Throne of Glass series but The Gilded Wolves was just awesome! I did rate it a little low but thinking back I would probably rate it higher just because I really loved the characters and everything!


As if it could be anything else! I will never not be grateful for this book! I know this is an ARC but it’s basically one of my favorite books of all time so…


Roshani Chokshi just has a way with words! The imagery and story were just so beautiful!


Okay May was full of all amazing books like I really loved the majority of them… the highlights though would be…

Both of these are definitely my top books of the year! I am constantly recommending them to everyone!


I mean I re-read We Hunt the Flame… I won’t count that though…

I’m definitely excited for the sequels for both!


They’ve become auto-buy authors for me! I enjoyed this AND their other one!


This was a slow month for me but I did re-read Legend. Both the other books I read that month were awesome though!

I listened to City of Ghosts on Spotify so that was fun!


How do I explain my love for both of these books? Frankly in Love was absolutely phenomenal and More to the Story was so adorable and beautiful! I laughed and cried while reading both of these!


OCAK is an ARC but it was still a big highlight of the month!

It was a pretty slow reading month but these helped me get out of a slump!


Both of these were completely different from each other and were both amazing in their own way!


This was the month of all ARCs basically. I literally enjoyed almost every book so… I’m just going to leave this one blank!

What were some of your favorite books of the year? Any recommendations?

4 thoughts on “Favorite Books of 2019. A spectacular reading year!”

  1. You had such a great reading year! Ahh so many of these are my favourite too! Crooked Kingdom but especially Love From A to Z and We Hunt the Flame. My favourite of last year has to be Love From A to Z because I felt so represented!

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