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The Tsundoku Chronicles Bookmarks: REP PACKAGE UNBOXING

I’m so excited to share these bookmarks with you because Neelam is so talented and I love her bookmarks SO. MUCH.

(This code is valid through February so make sure to use it while you can!)

I received these bookmarks as a rep package but this doesn’t alter my review of the bookmarks!

-I really love that the bookmarks are double sided with different quotes on each side!

-While there are also very popular book series highlighted in her shop, I love that Neelam also has bookmarks dedicated to more diverse books!

-I love how she matches the colors schemes with the books!

-They’re very well packaged and are laminated properly so they will last!

-Not only does Neelam have gorgeous bookmarks but there’s also some stunning painted books!

-She also has a charity bookmark where 100% of the profits go to Action Aid UK!

I think my favorites are the Love From A to Z ones and the Tangled ones! I just love the color schemes and the quotes on them! Of course, all of them are absolutely amazing (and eeekkkkkk I got a We Hunt the Flame one YAYYYY) but those are definitely gorgeous!


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