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2019 Wrap-Up: Did I reach my goals?

In the beginning of the year I decided to come up with a few goals for the year. Some bookish, some more personal. Let’s see how I did!

First Up… Reading Goals:

First, I wanted to read 1 recommended book per month!

  • Jan: Throne of Glass
  • Feb: The Gilded Wolves
  • March: Six Times Forever
  • April: Star-Touched Queen
  • May: 40 Rules of Love
  • June: whoops… no recommended
  • July: Let’s Get Textual
  • August: oof, slump month… nope
  • Sept: Nope…
  • Oct: The Beautiful
  • Nov: Light at the Bottom of the World
  • Dec: Nope…

I think I did a pretty good job! Stupid me forgot to write down WHO RECOMMENDED THE BOOKS WHOOPS.

Did I read one classic?

Not exactly… I DID listen to the BBC radio version of Wuthering Heights? I kind of want to count that…

Read 40 books

I surpassed that by A LOT. More than 80! yay!

Did I read 30 minutes a day?

mmmmm… nope… I tried… but this year was even more exhausting than I thought it would be!

Personal Goals

Wake Up Early


10K Step/day

Actually I did pretty okay with this one! I was pretty consistent except for maybe a month or two because of traveling and other circumstances!

Workout regularly

mmmm… the beginning of the year, not so much. The second half of the year I definitely got a bit better!

Vary my workouts

Yes! I tried new workouts and found ones I actually enjoy!

Be more patient and stop overthinking

Somehow by some crazy miracle, I actually managed to be better this year. This year was surprisingly pretty drama free and I AM SO HAPPY AND GRATEFUL OH MY GOSH.

How’d you do with your yearly goals?

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