Weekly Favorites

Weekly Favorites!

So I’ve decided that every week (or every week that I remember), I’m going to shoutout my favorite blog posts, videos, bookstagrammers, or anything else that highlighted my week! This is my first Weekly Favorite Post so let’s see how it goes!

Because I participated in the #demigodathon I obviously have to share some of my favorite videos that I’ve seen! I’m also sharing some of my favorite recent blog posts below!

  • Kimberly made a really great discussion post about the insane BN drama HERE.
  • Noura talked about books that got her back into reading HERE.
  • Simant has some AMAZING anticipated sequels you should check out HERE.
  • Zulfa had a great post about the oldest books on her TBR! Check out her post HERE.
  • I also enjoyed being a part of the Of Curses and Kisses blog tour! Here’s a link to the first post by Bookish Owl Reviews (HERE). There’s a great review and playlist! I’ll post the book tour schedule and twitter thread below!

This playlist includes all the #demigodathon videos but the following were my favorite: I loved Areadersworld’s music video for Good Kid! It was so relaxing to see Yara Abbo work on some quote art as she discusses Sea of Monsters! It was so funny to hear Mariam talk about how she wrote her essay on the Odyssey by reading Sea of Monsters instead of the actual book! Definitely check out her YT!

If you don’t follow Sincerely Tahiry you should definitely go follow her! She’s so well spoken and this video especially is really enlightening as she talks about the issues surrounding the white saviour trope and Hala.

I’ve been kind of obsessed with watching BuJo/Reading Journal videos so it made me really happy to see my friend Natalia show off her reading journal!

Do you watch BookTube? Who are your favorites?

Check out the Of Curses and Kisses blog tour schedule HERE.

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