Weekly Favorites

Weekly Favorites: February 9th-15th

Check out last week’s favorites HERE.

  • Neelam had a gorgeous love letter to her favorite character and I mean… what’s not to love about that kind of passion? Check it out HERE.
  • Nargis has a post about the Karachi Down Syndrome Program that’s really informative! Check that out HERE.
  • Kimberly has a fun post about 5 books that exceeded her expectations! Definitely got some recs there! Check out her post HERE.
  • Carolynn has a great review of one of my favorites Tweet Cute HERE.
  • I wasn’t sure about the book Foul is Fair but Harker definitely changed my mind about that with this review HERE.

I didn’t watch as much booktube as I hoped this week but here’s some of my youtube highlights:

I’ve been really into bullet journal stuff for some reason! It’s really relaxing and idk, it’s just fun!

I’m subbed to Tahirah’s YT of course and this had WHTF in it soooo…. (even though I’m lowkey hurt she didn’t love WHTF, what can you do? At least she wants to read the sequel hahaha)

Okay sooooo the new covers are really cool and I’m buddy rereading the Lunar Chronicles right now with my friend Sanna (@sixofwoes on insta) and I mean…. LOOK AT CRESS AND THORNE. LOOK AT THEM!

Sumaya is SO FUNNY STOP IT OMG. I love her videos she’s just too cute!

Alright, stay tuned for the next time! Any highlights of your week? Any youtube suggestions or blogs I should follow? I’m always up to look at new stuff! Have a great week!

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