Weekly Favorites

Weekly Favorites: February 16th-22nd

Check out last week’s favorites HERE.

  • This Of Curses and Kisses review from Athena is wonderful! Check it out HERE.
  • This review of Loveboat, Taipei has me even more excited about the book! Check it out HERE.
  • Fizah has a post that includes her five star reads of 2019 and because Love From A to Z is on it I’m veerrryyy satisfied haha. Check it out HERE.

I’m literally in awe of how gorgeous this look is!

I’m kind of obsessed with journaling this year and I love watching other people talk about their own journals! Really loved this one!

Not gonna lie he had me at the title for a second but now we have no choice but to stan

This was so cute and adorable and fun! Like the whole vibe and aesthetic and everything is just goals!

Fadwa is so passionate and I love her videos! All of these recs are amazing and I’m definitely going to have to add a lot of them to my tbr!

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