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The Daevabad Book Tag

I was tagged by Azrah @ Quintessentially Bookish to do this wonderful tag! The original tag was created by Neelam @ The Tsundoku Chronicles and y’all should definitely check out both of their blogs!

1 Alizayd Al-Qahtani – A book with a nerdy character

I love these two nerds with all my heart!!!!

2 Nahri – A book with a resourceful character

Celine is so badass I mean like… goals

3 Darayavahoush e-Afhsin – A book with broody characters

Has anyone met one of my first book crushes Zachary Goode? No? Well, you should.

4 Muntadhir Al-Qahtani – A book with flirty characters

Frank and Joy are literally THE CUTEST.

5 Zaynab Al-Qahtani – A book with witty characters

I mean… meme wars on twitter. Mean Girls gifs. What else can you ask for?

6 Jamshid e-Pramoukh – Cinnamon rolls

Wylan needs a hug!!!!

7 Ghassan Al-Qahtani – Villain you root for

I mean technically Victor Vale is definitely a villain… and so is Eli Ever…

8 Queen Hatset – A book with a powerful queen


9 Wajed – Loyal sidekicks

Literally this book was so adorable and the friendship was so cute and I loved it!

10 Lubayd – Book that made you laugh out loud

I think this deserves a bit more hype because it’s honestly so funny and relatable and really fits the perfect desi rom-com vibe!

11 Aqisa – A book with badass females

How could I do any book tag without mentioning the love of my life We Hunt the Flame? Zafira is THE BEST.

12 Nisreen – Motherly characters

I mean Kiss Quotient was amazing and I didn’t think it could get better but this was also amazing!

13 Subha – Characters who don’t take no for an answer

Have you met one of my all time favorite characters Zayneb? I related to her on a spiritual level.

14 Khayzur – A character that’s most likely to sacrifice themselves

Leyla is so fierce and loyal and she does so much for her family!

15 Maniezah – A book with a power driven character

I feel like this goes without explanation but there are two characters here…

I tag anyone who’d like to do this tag!

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