Weekly Favorites

Weekly Favorites: March 8th-14th

Check out last week’s favorites HERE.

  • I hadn’t heard of this book before but now I definitely want to read The Henna Artist because of Leelynn! Check out the review HERE.
  • HERE is a great post about reasons why you should read Wicked As You Wish! I’m definitely excited to pick this book up soon!
  • Since it was International Women’s Day, this was a great article about Influential Women in Islam! Check it out HERE.
  • I’ve only read the first in the Shadow and Bone trilogy but this quiz was still fun! Check it out HERE.

A five star review of one of the greatest book series ever! Mariam truly says all my thoughts about the books!

I mean just the joke about Leap Day made this video a must watch! Also I love that they just read the book and make commentary together! This was so fun! Like this took buddy reading to a whole new level and I LOVED EVERY SECOND. Also like… 10 books in 24 hours? I WISH.

This was such a great video that really sheds light about what it’s like to be a booktuber and having to meet expectations. Youtube recommended this video and now I’m definitely a subscriber!

Listen I just LOVE Sherna’s enthusiasm and how excited she gets! Her unboxings are my fave!
This was such a cool spread and honestly I really enjoyed watching this process!

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