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Animal Crossing Book Tag

Since the new Animal Cross game is coming out, I thought… why not do the Animal Crossing book tag? At first, I was going to make a tag, but then I found one made by BookishThingsandTea which was perfect!

Make sure to check out their post with their answers HERE. (If you do the tag make sure to tag the original, and if you use their graphics, give them credit!)

Animal Crossing: Gamecube

A classic you want to read

I really want to try and read Little Women… but I’ve recently found that reading classics just isn’t a thing for me anymore tbh. I just really don’t want to put in that effort *shrugs*

Animal Crossing: Wild World

Your Favorite Second Book in a series

Oh, gosh… ummmmm Catching Fire is one of my favorites! Also, Sea of Monsters from the Percy Jackson series!

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Favorite book set in a large city

Okay I’m pretty positive Tweet Cute takes place in a city like New York? But I really loved that one!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

The Best New Release You’ve Read Recently

oh gosh… I’ve mostly been re reading recently… but some I read at the very end of the year last year that were really amazing were Yes No Maybe So and Don’t Read the Comments!


A book that’s been with you through thick and thin

Obviously I’m going to say Percy Jackson! It’s been over a decade with him and the rest of the demigod squad! It never gets old!


A book rich with character

Obviously, We Hunt the Flame! If I didn’t bring this up almost every day, I wouldn’t be me! This book is full of beautiful, rich and lyrical prose and amazing world building!


Book you wouldn’t mind never seeing again

I’m going to say the most controversial thing ever… ready? Harry Potter. Listen!!!! It was a beautiful series, I know! BUUUUUUT I’m just so tired of seeing it ALL. THE. TIME. Like… you can find merch everywhere, we don’t need to see it in every book box… please make room for newer fandoms and better, more diverse literature! I’m just tired of it overshining all the newer books!


Favorite Historical Fiction

The Weight of Our Sky was absolutely BEAUTIFUL and heart wrenching and I know I need to talk about it more but also it deserves all the attention!

Those are all the ones included in the original tag, but because the new game is coming out I’m also going to include TWO MORE:

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Book you’re currently reading

(Get it? Because you’re currently carrying it around in your “pocket”?)

I’m currently (at least when I made this post) reading Thorn by Intisar Khanani (e-ARC) and The Thief by Megan Whaler Turner (physical). I’m also re-reading The Lost Hero (audio)!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

New Releases you’re excited about!

Was this my excuse to talk about We Free the Stars? YES. But ALSO I AM REALLY EXCITED ABOUT: The Silvered Serpents, Once Upon an Eid, and More than Just a Pretty Face!


Thya @ Wilted Pages

Lis @ Careful of Books

Layla @ Readable Life

Jules @ Inconsistently Jules

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