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Books that CHANGED MY LIFE (Part 1)

I know most people tend to remember big events in their life in years, but I tend to remember my life in very weird flashes. I know that certain points in my life were dominated by certain books! For example, fifth grade? The year of Series of Unfortunate Events. The year my mom thought I read way too much and tried to ban me from reading. A weird time for sure haha!

Anyway, I thought I’d share my “milestone” books just for fun! I have no idea exactly what year I read any of these books or really any specifics. But these books were very monumental for me and helped me become who I am today!

Most people remember the first books that got me into reading and I remember a few of the first books that I really enjoyed. I was a really shy kid and I remember that we moved a lot when I was a kid. A lot of elementary school was a new school every year… and I wasn’t very good at making lots of friends!

This first set of books sort of defined the start of my reading adventures. I remember Half Magic being one of the first books I ever got from the public library (not from school) and it introduced me to a fun new genre! Roald Dahl’s books defined my fifth grade because I had this really cool lit teacher who read out loud to us and encouraged us to always read. I literally always wanted to impress her!

Bridge to Terabithia involved my first betrayal. N ot only because of the plot… but because this was the first time someone spoiled a book for me! I was on chapter 2 and then someone decided to say, “Awww I loved that book. But I cried when ****************”.” WORST MOMENT.

This next set of books were the series that defined my pre-teen and teen years! As I said before, the Unfortunate Events is definitely the reason I love darker humor and probably a majority of the reason I did well in vocabulary at that young age!

Percy Jackson if you didn’t already know, is definitely the best series I’ve ever read and it ages perfectly! Every time I re-read it it’s just as perfect! Nothing can reach the perfection of this series, to be honest. No OTP does it like them. This was the first ever series I ever got as a gift from my family because I made it so obvious I loved it. One of my favorite Eid gifts ever!

Gallagher Girls was basically my first buddy read, in a sense. One of my best friends and I read these together and left sticky notes for each other because we borrowed each other’s books. We even made a fancast of all the characters and played spy games! When I went to DC years later, the only place on my bucket list was the Spy Museum! I seriously considered becoming a spy up until high school because of this series!

This was the phase in my life where science became a really big deal for me. I mean, I always felt like I wanted to be a doctor, but during this point in my life it was a more solidified plan. I read a lot of sci-fi and medical-related plots (aka: lots of crying. LOTS.)

I think these books really defined my childhood and “teen”ish years! Do you have any books that define key moments in your life? Part 2 will come next!

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