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Unplugged Book Box March YA UNBOXING

I am so so excited about this unboxing because I’ve been eye-ing this self-care box for so long and this is one of the few boxes that has almost all useful items! I happened to win a cratejoy giveaway and chose this box!

Make sure to check out their WEBSITE and their INSTAGRAM.


  • Tote by @azura.arts
  • Candle from Geeky Girl Scents
  • Lotion from Jems and Jewells
  • Eye Pillow from Lacey J Boutique
  • Shower Steamer by Natural pure Honest
  • A playlist curated by Unplugged
  • An info card about Burnout (I love that there’s a card with information)
  • THE MIDNIGHT LIE! I’ve been seeing this book everywhere and I’m excited to read it!

Overall Thoughts

I love that every item is useful in some way or another! The tote is sooooo pretty (I love Azura’s artwork so I got so excited when I saw it!). The candle and lotion both smell DIVINE. I used the shower steamer (a little bit of it) and it was so relaxing and wonderful! The eye pillow/mask is really cool and I love the design! I would definitely get this again and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a nice self care box with a great book!

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