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Books That Changed my Life (Part 2)

This is a Part 2 of my previous post (which you can check out HERE).

If anyone knows me in real life, my entire high school was defined by this trilogy. I was most definitely OBSESSED. I counted down to the first movie for about two years! I went to the midnight premiere for the first movie. I had a tumblr dedicated to all this at some point. I wrote fanfiction (I also wrote fanfiction for PJO). My senior quote was from the series. I even started reading the first one in Spanish (I took AP Spanish in HS) because I’d basically memorized the series at one point.

I had a really big phase where I was obsessed with the 1001 Nights stories. I never read them all, but I just loved the idea and I read a few retellings. Nothing hit as hard as The Wrath and the Dawn. One of my all time favorite books! I also loved reading any fairy tale retelling and TLC was obviously a big series in my life. It was so fun and unique (plus… Thorne!)!

Vicious is a book I will always hold dear to my heart. When I started med school, the first two years, I don’t remember any of the maybe twenty books I read. This was so discouraging especially after high school where I got to a point where I was reading 100 books a year. My cousin recommended this book and when I read it, I was sucked back into the reading world. It’s definitely the reason I even joined the blogging community! I got my first ever book box because of this book. It gave me my hobby back. And it was something that definitely helped me get through medical school! (Except I didn’t go through a near death experience or do a thesis on superpowers and become evil)

The first book I ever read with Muslim rep was Does my Head Look Big in This. It was so funny and though I don’t think I would really think too much of it now, it was definitely something that opened the doors for me. I wanted to be a writer and try and write characters like me.

We Hunt the Flame is one of the biggest books in my lfie right now. This book changed my life for the better. I met so many amazing people and after one of the worst years of my life personally, being a part of the WHTF family allowed me to find a safe space and find my niche in the blogging community. This book gave me something that allowed me to get away from things that were not helping my mental health. Honestly, I will always be grateful for this story because it gave me something to look forward to (I have no idea if that made sense).

In the same way, because I had found my niche in the blogging community, I was able to read even more #ownvoices books and Love From A to Z means so much to me because of the perfect representation. I related to Zayneb so much and it gave me a lot of hope for the future and introduced me to even more amazing Muslim authors and stories!

Anyway, this is all I can think of for the moment. All of these books mean the world to me and my life wouldn’t be the same without them! Do you have any books like that? Have you read these books?

3 thoughts on “Books That Changed my Life (Part 2)”

  1. ahhh i LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH!!! the lunar chronicles and the wrath and the dawn GENUINELY changed my life too! the lunar chronicles had the type of friendships and relationships and story that just melted my heart, omg i feel like that series defines me!!
    i literally can’t think about ‘we hunt the flame’ without remembering you 😂😂 it really has become your brand. im so glad i loved it just as much because the book was so immersive and the characters are the most precious babies to exist 🥺🥺🥺

    i want to read ‘does my head look big in this’ for the longest time and i think it’s time i prioritize it. awesome post!! i loved reading it

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    1. ahhhhh THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! And yesss the lunar chronicles is SPECTACULAR! I just re read it after a long long time and it still holds up and I love that for me xD And aaaahhh I love my brand xD

      I haven’t read Does My Head Look Big In This since like middle school so hopefully it’s still good? haha, I hope so xD


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