Weekly Favorites

Weekly Favorites: March 22nd-28th

Check out last week’s favorites HERE.

  • I was so excited about More than Just a Pretty Face but thankfully, Neelam saved me from endless agony and betrayal and having to deal with bad rep. Check out her review HERE.
  • Have you read the Daevabad trilogy? I’ve only read the first but I want to catch up in preparation for Empire of Gold and this readalong from Zulfa couldn’t come at a better time! Check out the details HERE.
  • I don’t think I need context for this quote from We Hunt the Flame HERE.
  • And no context for this review of We Hunt the Flame either. Sara even created a wonderful pinterest board ahhhhhhhh!!!! Check out the post HERE.

Jesse is so enthusiastic and honestly it was VERY entertaining and I’m a sucker for unboxings! The zooms and editing was SENDING ME. and now I’ve also found the Books Unbound Podcast so that’s cool too!

This was so relaxing and beautiful!


give me all the TBRs I love them all even when I literally don’t read thriller/horrors but she kinda of has me interested in some of these books so there’s that!

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