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Goodbye Good Place Book Tag

I was tagged by BookishConstellations of youtube! Check it out HERE.

Eleanor: Best Character Development

I’m going to say Holland from ADSOM here! His character was so interesting and I just loved his story!

Chidi: Book that made you anxious reading it

The Weight of Our Sky by Hanna Alkaf was so beautiful and there was a trigger warning about anxiety, so I knew going in. But it still made me feel all the feelings!

Tahani: Rich/Arrogant/Judgemental Character who’s humbled

Apollo had some great development through the Trials of Apollo. Definitely becoming better even if he still has his arrogant and judgemental moments!

Jason: Character who’s smarter/wiser than they seem

I’m gonna say Percy Jackson. Because everyone is constantly playing him off as the goofy one… even Percy underestimates himself *sobs*

Michael: Book you would want to be the architect for to make it more intricate OR a world made perfectly down to every blade of grass

I loooovvveeeddd the world building in We Hunt the Flame! Arawiya is so interesting and I just want more of the world and the mythology!

Janet: Favorite non-human character

In Thorn by Intisar Khanani, Falada is such a cool talking horse!

Good Place: Book that should’ve been perfect but somehow fell flat anyway

The Hating Game honestly just didn’t awe me like it did for a lot of people. It was just….average.

Bad Place: Book you would use to torture people (or would be torture for you)

Love, Hate, and Other Filters. UGH. I’m not even going to elaborate.

Philosophy class: Book that turned a trope/idea on its head or did it in a creative new way

I loved The Wrath and the Dawn. It was just such a beautiful story! AND it had lovely world building and magic and twists!

Spoilers!: Best twist(s) to a book/series

Warcross by Marie Lu! SO. EPIC.

Series finale: Book you loved so much it broke your heart when it ended

hahaha probably Ember4 (Sky Beyond the Storm). I AM NOT PREPARED.

Alrighty, I tag anyone who wants to do the tag! Hope you enjoyed this!

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Good Place Book Tag”

  1. YOU’RE SO RIGHT ABOUT PERCY HE’S SUCH A SMART BOY AND HE’S ALMOST NEVER VALIDATED FOR IT!!! I loved your take on this tag, and now I have a few new books to check out 💖

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