Weekly Favorites

Weekly Favorites: March 29th-April 4th

Check out last week’s favorites HERE.

  • I really need to read some of Carolynn’s favorite retellings! Check out her favorites HERE.
  • Neelam always gives me a wonderful weekly reminder about my faith and it always warms my heart! Check out her reflections about Jannah (Heaven) HERE.
  • Kerys has a wonderful and hilarious post about what you can do when you’re bored (that includes everything from reading which we all should do… to not reading… which we tend to do xD). Check it out HERE!
  • Zainab has a review for one my all time favorite books Love From A to Z! Make sure to check it out HERE.
  • Nadia has an amazing list of releases by Muslim Authors this year and you can check it out HERE!
  • Are you participating in the OWLS Readathon? If so (or even if you’re not), here is an amazing list of South Asian authored book recs for all the different categories by Fanna! Check it out HERE!

Because I love disney and Hannah has a hilarious (I mean literally the first 30 seconds there’s a pun/joke and I’m HERE FOR IT) video recommending books! Great recs.. and amazing puns! I loved the comparison of the Starless Sea with Splash Mountain!

I only had one of these on my actual radar but now I’ve added some more to my TBR whoops!

It’s a rapid fire book tag! Fadwa is so great and always has great videos!

I love to see people read books I love and when they love it too it makes me SO HAPPY. Plus… like this really is the perfect time (if you want to be terrified) to read this series! And now I’m following the Nostalgia Book Club because omg they’re reading Percy Jackson my all time favorite series the reason I’m a reader AAHHHHH. Also the play by play of the plot>>> movie. I literally was DYING it was so funny!!!

This video is the reason I subscribed and followed Saajid! His review was great and WE LOVE TO SEE MUSLIM REP!

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