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Flick the Wick’s RiordanVerse box: a really late UNBOXING

Check out Flick the Wick HERE (this is a referral link and you can get 15% off with it!). And check out their INSTA as well!

I’ve been a Rick Riordan fan since I was like 11 (I grew up with Percy and he was my first and forever book boyfriend so yeah. Like… I wrote fanfic and everything)… so getting this box was a no brainer!


  • Camp Half-Blood Candle (Sandalwood, Guava, Papaya): It’s fruity but not too much and I love it!
  • Nine Worlds Candle (Cedar, Sweet Pea, Cassis, Tonka): I don’t know how to describe it but it’s clean and crisp!
  • House of Life Candle (Grapefruit, Water Lily, Jasmine): I literally can’t stop smelling these candles
  • Wooden Quote Art that now stands on my Riordan Shelf proudly
  • Quote bookmark with art of Percy, Reyna, and Carter by @smoustart on the other side
  • Annabeth and Nico magnetic bookmarks by Handmek
  • Olympus wax melt (that isn’t pictured because I have no idea where I put it whoops)
  • Wall Tapestry by @stellabookishart (I literally love her artwork so much and squealed when I saw it!)


I honestly didn’t expect SO MUCH to be in this box! I was so surprised and happy! Everything in this box was perfect and while I will always hope for more Percy Jackson merch always, this definitely helped make me feel like my collection was nice! The box is proudly displayed on my Riordan Shelf and so is that wood quote! I can’t wait to burn the candles and post tons of pictures of all of this stuff!

I know this box came in January but my life has been… well… I was taking exams in January and now all this stuff is happening that I finally got to properly take pictures of everything inside!

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