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What My Favorite Characters would do in Quarantine–Book Tag

I was tagged by Neelam @ The Tsundoku Chronicles to do this tag! Check out her answers HERE.

Take 5 or more of your favourite book characters and imagine what they would be doing if they were quarantined with us in the real world.
You can have them be in their own squad if you want or working on their own.
Tag 5 friends.
Link back to this post and credit Reader Voracious.

1.Percy and Annabeth (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)

Let’s be honest, they’d catch up on sleep. Percy would play video games and then quickly get bored and try to skate indoors and various shenanigans. Sally would make lots of blue cookies… LOTS. Annabeth would work on some random architecture projects. She’s watch Percy do random things and probably unconsciously weave some stuff.

2. Victor Vale (Vicious)

hahahhaha like he would care? He’d just be like “Eh. Sydney could bring me back to life. And it’s not like it would hurt?” But he would force Sydney to stay inside and Mitch would begrudgingly babysit.

3. Zafira Bint Iskandar and Yasmine Ra’ad (We Hunt the Flame)

Yasmine would be baking and cooking. She seems like an artsy person I think so she’d keep herself occupied. Zafira would say eff it and go out hunting anyway because they need food of course!

4. Adam and Zayneb (Love From A to Z)

Zayneb would watch the Niqabi Sisters on Youtube and show Adam. They’d work on their Marvels and Oddities journals which would obviously include a lot of rants about how they had plans to travel but COVID got in the way. They’d marathon movies and play board games. IDK I’m bad at this hahaha

5. Sweetie (There’s Something About Sweetie)

Sweetie wouldn’t let it get in the way of practicing and working out on the track. She would probably sneak out early in the morning when nobody else was awake so she could get her run. She’d make sure to stay six feet away as Ashish joins in the run. And they would facetime after during the day!

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