Bookish Merch, USA

March Bismillah Box Unboxing

I was so excited about this box because I get to support Muslim owned businesses which is always AMAZING! Make sure to check out their WEBSITE and their INSTAGRAM.


  • A Leather headband by Happy Rebel inspired by Huda Fahmy’s leather phase
  • A beautiful greeting card designed by Designed With Love
  • A Salaam, Dudette! pouch
  • A Rose spray by Sugardbyk
  • A “Let’s Take it Slow” mug by AimKam Creations
  • That Can be Arranged by Huda Fahmy!

Overall Thoughts

I’m going to be honest here. The box wasn’t overwhelmingly amazing, but as a relatively new box, I do think that all the items were included with a creativity a wonderful and caring thought. I’d love to get another box from them eventually, but I’m glad that they share their items and the themes in their instagram so you can choose which themes or items you might like! Of course, I love that all the artists featured are Muslim which is the primary reason I got this box! For me, the mug is just kind of creepy. I mean… the idea was cute, but just looking at it make me really uncomfortable *shrugs*.

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