Weekly Favorites

Weekly Favorites: April 19th-25th

See last week’s favorites HERE.

  • Is it weird that I haven’t watched any of Emma’s favorite tv shows? I’ve seen a little of Big Bang Theory but that’s actually it! I definitely have to rectify that! check out her favorite shows HERE (because sometimes we need a change from reading, right?).
  • IT’S RAMADAN! YAY! So not only am I excited about RAMADAN READATHON but also that SARC and RR are COLLABORATING! HOW EPIC IS THAT?!?! Check out the collaboration HERE and HERE.
  • Speaking of Ramadan Readathon, here’s some AMAZING books by Muslim Authors that you can check out this month! Ikram has an amazing list of books HERE.
  • I love Humnah’s post about what her favorite characters would do in quarantine! Check out her tag answers HERE.

This is such a unique and fun video! I continued to play the game and literally lost after the second video WHOOPS.

Oh my goodness YES! This is so great and honestly I need more recs so this is PERFECT! I have to admit I don’t really know much about Trinidad but it’s great that Saajid is here to help out!

first of all why didn’t I know there was a BTS inspired readathon. Secondly, I got some great recs in this video! While I don’t think I’m going to be checking out Chainsaw man, it was definitely interesting hearing about it! The Worst best Man? Heck, yes. I already wanted to read it but now I want to read it more! And the Alice Network sounds really interesting too!

SO MANY AMAZING BOOKS! I really love the way Jananie does the synopsis for books! I’m definitely excited for certain books that I didn’t think I would be interested in! I’m definitely excited for winner’s Curse because I enjoyed Mirage! Let me Hear a Rhyme sounds really interesting too!

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