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ATLA Book Tag

So with ATLA coming to Netflix this week, I decided HEY, WHY NOT? So anyway, here’s the Avatar the Last Airbender book tag created by A Clockwork Reader!

(BTW those ATLA symbols in the banner photo are on my redbubble if you want to check it out HERE.


1.) Katara and Sokka: The Best Sibling Relationship

Since this is Little Women inspired it makes sense that the sibling relationship is just beautiful!

2.) Yue: Favorite Star-Crossed Lovers

Am I saying Finnick and Annie? YES. YES I AM. FINNICK DESERVED BETTER.

3.) Blood Bending: A Book With A Disturbing/Unsettling Content

Ugh this was just a strange book…


1.) Toph: A Character Whose Strength Surprised You or The Other Characters In The Book

Laia is a QUEEN but she had to go through a lot of growth and that was really great. She was also really underestimated which is even better!

2.) The Tales of Ba Sing Se: Best Short Story/Poetry Collection

I mean this was a collection of absolutely beautiful stories revolving around Eid and it was just PHENOMENAL.

3.) Kioshi Warriors: Best Warrior Character

Excuse me have you met KIFAH?! BECAUSE YOU SHOULD.


1.) Zuko: Best Redemption Arc

Apollo’s character development? AMAZING.

2.) Iroh: Wisest Character

Alyrra was just so pure and kind-hearted and wonderful!

3.) Azula: Best Downfall

I mean the conclusion is just EPIC.


1.) Appa: Favorite Fictional Animal/Pet

The Horse named Kamala!

2.) Aang: Purest Cinnamon Roll

Kell is a total cinnamon roll

3.) Avatar State: A Stubborn Character/ A Character That Struggles With Letting Go

Jaya is a fierce and stubborn older sister and I LOVE HER

I tag anyone who wants to do this!

8 thoughts on “ATLA Book Tag”

  1. I love this tag and your answers! Totally agree that our boy Finnick deserved better! 😭 And Apollo! Yes!!! His redemption arc was amazing! I loved the Lunar Chronicles and Winter was such a great conclusion to the series! Wonderful post! ❤

    (P.S. I noticed that you were on the spreadsheet for the Unravel the Dusk blog tour, so I thought I'd come say hi! Can't wait to see your post! 💕)

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    1. Finnick deserves the world and Suzanna Collins really decided to betray me like that! ahhhh I am so excited for the final ToA book and I love the Lunar chronicles so much!!! (and yayyyyy I’m so excited for unravel the dusk!)

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