Make Your MythTaker Readathon TBR

Oh goodness this one is actually a big challenge because it requires a set TBR and I’m SCARED. But here I go anyway! In true, Flameling fashion, I’ve decided to join the Make Your Myth Taker readathon and go down the path of a Rogue. I’m going to be an assassin and below you’ll find my declared TBR!

Make sure to check out the Make Your MythTake TWITTER and the official youtube ANNOUNCEMENT.

hahahah the way I’m not even reading a mythology related book. WOW. At least I can get away with reading one book without being completely obligated!

Just for fun I even made a character:

I used this creator to make my assassin. Strangely, it didn’t have options for shoes, but oh well!

Meet Rawiyah. Her name means storyteller. Fitting, as she is known far and wide for the uhhhh unique ways that she is able to “dispose” of people. She’s a master of blending into the shadows and strikes as quick as a snake.

Yes. I kept my first initial and the number of syllables. hehe.

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