Weekly Favorites

Weekly Favorites: June 7th-14th

  • I’m currently reading A Song of Wraiths and Ruin and it’s so good so far and if you need reasons to read it check out this list of reasons!
  • Alicia has an amazing list of perfect summer reads that you should check out HERE.
  • Honestly I’m kind of going through a blogging slump so these tips were really helpful! Check them out HERE.
  • This was a really unique and interesting post to read about book titles! Check it out HERE.

Honestly I wasn’t interested in reading BALLAD because nobody cares about Snow tbh BUT am I considering hate reading it just to see? YEP.

Definitely a new stan! Joel is so funny and real and kind! Everybody should check out this channel!

This was so interesting and I learned a bunch! Seji has such a good way with words and explains some important topics really well!

Deja is so enthusiastic and I totally want all of these scenes in the new PJO series too. I love reliving moments other PJO stans love. And the analysis? CHEF’S KISS.

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