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24 Characters that have shaped my Personality

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So because I’m 24 now (huh), I decided to share 24 characters that I absolutely love that have definitely shaped my personality in some way whether it be someone I aspire to be or someone who has definitely influenced some part of how I act or just characters I felt immediately connected to that I basically AM them. Or just characters that have just seriously impacted me in some way.

1.Rapunzel (duh)

I aspire to be as optimistic and fierce as Rapunzel. I wish I saw the good in everyone the way that she does. Also, she’s a multi-talented QUEEN. I WISH I was good at everything! But also, her creativity is something I strive to have.

2.Percy Jackson

I mean are we really surprised? I wish I was as sassy as Percy. I want to be as compassionate and loyal as Percy is with his friends. I also wish I was as smart as him (and Annabeth).

3.Samirah Al-Abbas

I mean how could I not include this wonderful character that is unpologetically Muslim even in a world with crazy magic and everything! Plus she has an absolutely adorable fiance yes please!

4.Yasmine Ra’ad

I mean she’s hilarious and smart and fierce. When I took the “Which Character are You” quiz before I even read the book I got Yasmine. And then when I read the book I related so hard to the short and stubborn Yasmine.

5.Nahri e Nahid

I mean I cosplayed this queen so how could I not say that Nahri influences me. As a recent medical school graduate I felt the same overwhelming helplessness that she did. I love the way she didn’t give up and continued to persevered even when she felt trapped. And I aspire to continue to not try to give up even when things are hard.

6.Zayneb Malik

Love From A to Z is one of my all time favorite books. And Zayneb taught me that it’s OKAY to be angry but we can’t let anger rule our actions. That we have to “Never, ever quake in the face of hate”.

7.Katniss Everdeen

The Hunger Games was one of my biggest obsessions for such a long time so of course Katniss influenced me in so many ways.


I relate so much to Katara in every way. From being overly passionate to being incredibly stubborn about being right to being a bit too motherly with my siblings. Katara definitely shaped my personality growing up.

9.Cammie Morgan

I related a lot to Liz from The Gallagher Girls series, but Cammie made me feel better about being in the shadows. I wasn’t that great at making friends in elementary and middle school and because of Cammie I learned to observe and listen which is a bit hard for me sometimes.

10.Sweetie Nair

I mean… as soon as I read There’s Something About Sweetie I wished I could be as strong and confident or herself as Sweetie. She’s just so positive and wonderful and I sort of have my own Sassy Star Project because of her (ha!).


So from the original 1001 Nights, I absolutely loved the way that she could weave stories to save her life. While I don’t aspire to be an author anymore, she was definitely one of my influences. And then when I read The Wrath and the Dawn I wanted even more to be as fierce and creative as her.

12.Laia of Serra

I wish to channel Laia energy in every possible way of my life. She’s so different from a character I would normally read and her strength is different from what you expect and I really love that. I want to be strong in all aspects of my life.

13.Lewis from Meet the Robinsons

I mean… keep moving forward. This whole movie taught me that lesson and Lewis’s perseverance is just wonderful.

14.Martha Jones

I know a lot of people don’t like her character for some reason and while I hated that the show sort of just reduced her to pining after the Doctor (but let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to pine after Ten?), she is strong and smart and confident and everything I wish to be.

15.Kamala Khan

Kamala taught me that you can be an absolutely chaotic fangirl while also being the hero. So uhhh yeah, DUH.

16.Nani from Lilo and Stitch

Literally I want to be the perfect older sister but nobody can compare to Nani. I wish I was as good of a sister as Nani and I’ll always work on it but kids are annoying what can I say (whoops).

17.Leslie Burke (Bridge to Terabithia)

I’m pretty positive Leslie’s writing and imagination is a huge factor of why I liked reading and writing. I used to play outside and imagine that I had my own version of Terabithia.

18.Elizabeth Bennet

Just like Lizzie, I can be pretty stubborn and it’s hard to change my mind but someone once I’ve gotten an impression. I also wish I was as eloquent as her when arguing!

19.Ayesha Shamsi

Same as Lizzie, I am a bit stubborn. (I know Ayesha is basically the same character since it’s a retelling but oH WELL)

20.Allie Abraham

Allie really takes the time to take her own journey in faith and it was truly inspiring. I’m constantly trying to learn more about my faith and learn more about myself and my faith so reading about Allie’s journey was beautiful and I was so proud of her. And I aspire to have that kind of courage and attitude.

21.Princess Tiana

There was one point in my life where I worked just as hard as Tiana to the point where I was burned out. But just like Tiana, I’m trying to manage my time better and work towards happiness and not just success.

22.Jim Halpert

Okay so I can’t be the only one that now looks exasperated into the non existent camera whenever something happens right? It’s like definitely a part of my personality now

23.Princess Jasmine

I AM NOT SOME PRIZE TO BE WON. Until there’s a Muslim princess, Jasmine is about as close as I’m going to get to be honest. I love that Jasmine is her own person and confident in herself.

24.Susan Pevensie

I’ve always just been “the older sister”. As a kid, Susan was just someone I highly related to her.

PHEW! That was a bit of a challenge halfway through, not gonna lie. This was harder than I thought it would be but YAY! I did it!

8 thoughts on “24 Characters that have shaped my Personality”

  1. We all wish we could be as sassy as Percy and as talented as Rapunzel don’t we haha. To be fair, she didn’t have the internet in her 18 years of self isolation or maybe she would have gotten too distracted by twitter to develop all those skills… happy birthday ❤

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  2. Oh my! First of all, the idea of this post is the cutest, and secondly, you have given me so many more characters to read about that I didn’t know of. I associate Rapunzel with you so yeah, you’re definitely right in placing her at the top because there’s no way someone other than you can be the desi Rapunzel we all need and want ❤

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